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Friday, May 11, 2012

Simple Things Men Want From a Woman

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f you have ever tried to get your man to express his feelings, then I am sure you know how frustrating this can be. But, did you know that 90% of the male species were created to simply just hide their feelings. You see, a man's brain works different to that of the female, who express and communicate openly. This is just a plain fact.
In most cases a man requires coaching through talking to enable them to express what is on their mind. In general, men think that women talk too much and on the other hand women think that men talk too little. What men want from a woman is:

1) Not to talk too much.
2) Do not initiate important discussions in a car.
3) Show some respect.
1) Do Not Talk Too Much:
Men find it very annoying and overwhelming if a woman talks a lot and they end up saying nothing at all because he is afraid that one word from his mouth may trigger something more complex. By talking too much, you will not necessarily get him to do the things you want him to do. If you have a request for your man, keep it short, otherwise he may feel that he is being lectured by you. No man wants to be lectured by a woman, especially his woman.
2) Do Not Initiate Important Discussions in the Car:
This might sound very simple and irrelevant to you, but if you follow this advice you will save yourself many headaches and frustration. When you have important discussions in the car, there is little or no eye contact and this leads to heated arguments and screaming. Your eyes are glued to the road when you drive and not to the person sitting in the passenger seat; therefore misunderstandings occur very easily in this situation.
Effective communication requires eye contact and for the same reasons you should also avoid having important talks in the dark of your bedroom. Here, in the dark of the bedroom, not only is there no eye contact, but you are unable to see the other person's body language as well.
3) Show Some Respect:
It is often said that men are attracted to respect and women to love. But we both want love and respect, but men has a stronger response to respect. If you respect your man it makes him feel important and great. He will know when he is respected by you if you do not constantly criticise him by reminding him of his failures or what is wrong with him. This will drive him nuts.
If you are currently dating someone who you do not respect, find something to respect about him or else just leave, but do not break him down on your way out. Do not break down other men either by being disrespectful. Show the utmost respect and the man will eventually start wondering what it is about you that is so attractive and great.

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Bob said...

Don't start a serious conversation in the car. That's a good tip.