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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tips of Getting a Man to Love You

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o you know how to get a man to love you? Are you currently in a relationship in which you're the only one in love? Or perhaps you're secretly in love with a man and wish that he would love you back.
One of the worst things that can happen to you is to fall in love with a man who doesn't feel the same way about you. Unrequited love has shattered many a relationship as well as dashed many a woman's dreams.
Unreturned love can leave you feeling empty and discouraged.
But don't despair, for there are two options open to you. You can either continue with your unreciprocated love, leaving your happiness in fate's hands, or you can take action and learn how to make a man love you. It's all up to you.
If the latter is your choice, I congratulate you for doing the right thing. All you need to do is follow two simple steps to get a man to love you.

Step #1. Don't be too aggressive. Knowing how to get a man to love you involves not being too assertive or bold. You want to let your man know that you have feelings for him, but your approach needs to be subtle.
Whether it's your boyfriend or a man you'd like to have as your boyfriend, flirt with him a little. Let him know that you are interested in him.
Just don't push him. Men need their time and space. You need to stroke his ego by showing an interest in him, but you must allow him to do the pursuing if you want him to fall deeply in love with you.
So give him a challenge by playing a little hard to get, but not so hard that he'll give up. Just enough to make him work his way through your affections!
Step #2 Be yourself. If you want to get a man to love you, you need to be who you really are, especially when you're with him. Don't put on any false life and pretend to be someone you're not. Don't tailor your personality and make up things about your past. Just embrace all your imperfections. This will cause him to develop greater confidence in his pursuit of you, because he too knows he has imperfections.
If you're open and honest with him, he'll then learn that he can be open and forthright with you as well. Remember that a man isn't looking for a perfect woman, but rather he's looking for the right woman. He's looking for a self-assured confidant woman that will admire him and love him for who he is.
So if you want to know how to get a man to love you, then you need to act like a woman and you need to be yourself! Flirt with your potential lover and let him know you're interested. But let him be a man by allowing him to do the pursuing. Open up, show some vulnerability, and allow him to fall in love with you during the chase.

By following the above suggestions, perhaps you can land your dream man. But you'll never know unless you try.

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