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Friday, May 4, 2012

Tips on How to Get a Husband

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ow to get a husband? This is a question women have been asking themselves for hundreds and hundreds of years. Getting married is the dream of most women and men. Statistics show that married couples are happier and live longer than their unmarried counterparts.

Centuries ago when most marriages were "arranged", how to get a husband was easy. But today, especially in many modern countries, where there are 4 million more women than men, how to get a husband is not that easy. Also throw in the fact that some men just want to "play around" and never get married, how to get a husband and I mean a good husband, can be a daunting task.

Therefore here are 3 proven tips to help with how to get a husband:

Tip #1. You need to set your standards straight. Far too many women have an image in their head of the perfect man that can do everything. You know what I mean. He's very handsome, earns a large salary, has a terrific sense of humour, is great in bed, can repair anything, etc. Unfortunately or not, that man probably does not exist.

Ask yourself this question, are you a perfect woman? If not, then don't expect your man to be either. This doesn't mean that you have to lower your standards to the bottom of the barrel, just be realistic. However if he is cruel to you either mentally or physically, you may consider dropping him!

You also need to face the fact that there will be differences between the two of you. So instead of looking at what separates you, spend a bit more time looking into what unites you. What do you have in common? Do you have similar goals, desires, and beliefs?

Tip #2. Get him to propose to you. Once you have a good partner and a flourishing relationship, you may be thinking about getting married. How to get your boyfriend to become your husband is now often on your mind.

However, most men are much more tentative and resistant to the idea of getting married, so how exactly do you get him to propose to you?

Start to bring up marriage casually from time to time in your conversations; make sure that it does not relate to the two of you however. Spend some time talking about your future together to get a feel for what he wants in life. It also wouldn't hurt to find out what his views on marriage are. If he has any concerns about the process, naturally you should try to ease them one by one. If you feel confident enough, you can try to make a logical argument to get married, but be careful not to turn it into a fight.

But above all, avoid repeatedly bringing it up, and tell your friends and family not to pressure him either. You see men generally need some alone time to think such a big deal through, and if everyone starts to pressure them, they might have a knee-jerk reaction and just get the heck out of there.

Tip # 3. Spend time with happily married couples. This is very important. Spend some time with your happily married friends and relatives. Let him see the bliss and joy of marriage.

Also if you want to have children, spend time with couples who have children and see how he reacts. Men who want to have children will react positively around children.

How to find a husband might not be as easy as it used to be, but by adhering to the above three tips, it can be successfully and happily achieved.

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