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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tips that Can Help Premature Ejaculation Naturally

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Tip #1 Strengthening Your PC Muscles
The PC muscles are the most important muscles when it comes to ejaculation because they literally determine the whole ejaculatory process. Learning how to gain control of these muscles is therefore the number one tip on how to end your premature ejaculation.

Just like any other muscles in the body, the PC muscles are strengthened through exercises. This will require patience and dedication on your side and therefore you should not expect instant results. The dedication and patience will however pay off once you have attained stronger muscles because once you have stronger PC muscles, you will be able to only ejaculate by command. You will have gotten rid of premature ejaculation permanently.

Tip #2 Breathe
As much as taking deep breathes may sound as cheesy advice, it actually works. Taking deep breathes actually helps in relation, something which is important in helping you get control of your body. Do not be in rush when having sex, this will only increase the chances of you ejaculating prematurely and her being dissatisfied after the session.

Tip #3 Talk About It
Speaking about the problem with your partner will help in ensuring that you are less nervous and worried about "blowing it up". Nervousness has been found to be one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation and thus being able to decrease it is a sure way of getting over your condition. Your partner may also be cooperative to your suggestions in the bedroom when she understands your problem, rather than when she has been left in the dark.

Tip #4 Vary Sexual Positions
Premature ejaculation is mainly influenced by the level of stimulation and the pressure that you put on your PC muscles. Different sexual positions will vary the level of stimulation and the amount of pressure put on your PC muscles. It is therefore important to try different positions when having sexual intercourse with your partner so as to find what works for you.

Tip #5 Concentrate on Foreplay
Foreplay is not only good for increasing the chances of the girl experiencing an orgasm, it is also essential in helping you last longer in bed. This is so because, the more the foreplay, the more the girl will get aroused. This increased arousal increases the lubrication in her vagina. It also makes her vagina to expand. These two factors will help in decreasing the amount of friction on the head of your penis and thus decreasing the likelihood of an early ejaculation.

Tip #6 Vary the Rate of your Thrust
This is usually referred as the start and stop technique. All that you have to do is to stop penetration when the urge to ejaculate comes and after it passes, you then resume thrusting. To avoid making it look awkward to your partner, you may concentrate on arousing her through touch her breasts or stimulating her clitoris with your fingers when you stop thrusting.

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