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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Traits Of a Cheater?

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Studies have shown that some men are more likely to cheat their partners than the others. It's also true that women are quick to know the hints that their men are not loyal to them.

But to women, who are facing this challenge in their love life, know that no secret is kept for long. In the end, you will find out the truth.

So what are the signs to watch out for to confirm that your guy is cheating? You have to know them in order to protect yourself and decide what's right for you.

You would know if your partner is the kind who can look at other women through his close friends. According to author M. Gary Neuman, 77 percent of guys who cheat have best friends who also do the same. This was the finding of Neuman's survey of 200 men which added that these men who have a tendency to stray have fathers who were also cheating. The author explained that for this type of men, not being loyal to their partners seems to be a normal thing to do.

What you can do then is to determine your man's views on infidelity. You can do this while you're still in the dating stage so that you can protect yourself and decide not to get into a serious relationship with him should you find out he does not put much value on loyalty. If a guy thinks that infidelity is normal for men, he may not be the type to stay committed.

Lying is another sign that you should be aware of. Cheaters often lie and they just have so many excuses. They can withhold information about the company they work for and their whereabouts which is a common issue. If you find your man to be not trustworthy, you might have to rethink staying in your relationship.

To women, who are lucky to have a homebody as a husband or fiancé, experts recommend to make an effort to let your partner know that you are fine even if they don't contribute much financially. Be generous with your compliments to make him feel valued and loved.

Another thing is if you find your man seeks support from his friends rather than from you. When he's facing a challenge or problem at work, for instance, he may keep it from you and would instead go womanizing. If you have a partner who has this attitude, try to show your love and support to encourage him to open up to you.

Be wary of these signs so you can keep your relationship intact or stay away from one that will only cause you heartaches.

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