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Saturday, May 5, 2012

What Do Men Look For In Women

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 often hear from people who are looking to figure out exactly makes a man want to commit to a woman. Because many women have tried different types of strategies and tricks and none of these have worked. They want to know what they are doing wrong and what they can start doing right. There are plenty of things that women try when they are trying to get reluctant men to commit that are quite wrong. It is my belief that ultimatums don't work. Neither does pretending to be someone who you are not or pretending to be who you think he wants you to be. Playing mind games doesn't work either. So what does? I'll tell you in the following article.

Falling In Love With The Right Woman At The Right Time: This might seem quite simplistic, but it is true. You can do any number of different things, but if the love isn't there, it will be very difficult to get him to commit. However, often the love is there but the time is not right. Men are often reluctant to commit when they are too young or too scattered by other obligations like their schooling or beginning their career. They often want to reach a certain degree of success or maturity before they settle down. A smart woman understands this and makes him believe that this is what she wants as well. Because rushing a man before the time is right for him is one of the worst things that you can do.

Believing That the Woman He Loves Doesn't Want To Tie Him Down or Hold Him Back: This is huge. One of the largest things that contributes to a man's reluctance to commit is his fear that once he marries or commits to you, you're going to want to limit him or tie him down. There's that old stereotype that once a man settles down, his exciting, fun, and fulfilling life is over can be hard to overcome. That's why it's important that you set up your relationship so that he knows that you are not going to tie him down. He must know that once he commits to you, it's not your goal to control, manipulate, or tame him.

Knowing That His Life Is Enhanced By Having You in It: Many men are actually quite happy to commit when they feel as if the woman they love makes their life better. Once he believes that you make him want to be a better man, it's only going to be natural that he always wants you in his life because not having you around risks him not becoming the best version of himself. He should believe that being in love with you and having you in his life makes his life better and also makes him a better man.

Knowing That the Woman He Loves Understands Him and Loves Him Anyway: Men aren't all that different from women in this regard. When we begin dating someone, of course we put our best self on full display because we want to attract the other person. This is normal and acceptable. But this poses a risk. Because you can begin to wonder if the other person would really still love and want you if they knew the real you. And that can be one reason that men are reluctant to commit. They worry that you love him for superficial reasons. They can wonder whether you would still love them if they were poor, unemployed, or struggling.

That's why it's very important that you always stress that you know him intimately and you love the real him. He must know that you don't want to be with him because of anything other than the fact that you love him and enjoying being with him. Don't ever focus on material or superficial things that can be fleeting. Instead, focus on what is real - and that is the feelings between you.

Knowing That The Woman He Loves Isn't Trying To Change Or Manipulate Him: As I've alluded to before, men really hesitate to commit when they feel as if you are manipulating them in order to trick them into doing so. So he is much more likely to commit to you when he thinks that this is all his own idea. Yes, you can nudge him along and set up your relationship so that it is favourable to a commitment, but you never want for him to feel manipulated or pushed.
If you have a certain man that you want to commit to you, know that you need to continue to make sure that your relationship is a healthy and happy one; Know that you should make him believe that you aren't trying to limit him. And convince him that having you in his life makes his life so good that he wouldn't ever want to be without you, so that you will likely eventually get your commitment. They key is to make him want to very willingly commit and to make it seem like it was his idea

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