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Friday, May 18, 2012

You Can Find Out if He Loves You

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 Because most men tend to be locked chests of information, this can create a lot of doubt in any woman's mind. Many questions can drift by your thought process, and one of the most common is "does he love me?” If you aren't getting the answer through verbal communication or physical expression, then this can leave you feeling like an empty void.

But before you lose hope, I want to show you the common ways that men express their love for a woman indirectly. Note that because of how he was raised that he may have a harder time being as affectionate as you would like. If he did not come from a family that ever said that they loved each other on a common basis, it's just going to be hard for him.

1. Does he love me if he prioritizes our relationship?
Yes. If a guy is able to reach a point where he would rather put you first over some of his daily routines or social interactions then this can be a great sign that he's crazy about you.

If he can create more room to put you into his plans, then this usually means that you are a top priority in his eyes, which can amount to true love coming from him.

2. Does he love me if he introduces me to his loved ones?
Typically yes. Some guys do freely introduce girl after girl to their family and friends, but a man may feel a large amount of pressure from always being seen with a different girl.

If he is confident about introducing you to his parents, to his best friends and taking you to where he likes to hang out, then this means that he is not afraid to be thought of as in a serious relationship with you.

3. Does he love me if he tries to solve my problems?
Absolutely. When you love someone you want them to be happy and never down. If you have things that are getting in your way, you tell him about them, and he tries to solve these problems for you - good sign.

If he goes out of his way to fix things, tackle problems and make life easier for you - even better!

4. Are you in his future?
One question women often ask is, does he love me if he talks about the future with me in mind? My answer is definitely yes! A guy doesn't want to give up a girl's hopes. If he commonly uses "we" instead of just you or me when talking about the future then this is a very positive direction forward.

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