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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cross-Cultural Romance Guide

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There has been a famous line which went around that says, "Love knows no boundaries". This tells all humankind that love is such a strong force that even having different cultures cannot shake it and put it down so easily. But I'm not saying that having a relationship with a partner who has a different culture with you is easy though. It requires respect, time and open-mindedness from both parties. Both the people who are involved in the relationship should exert effort in order for the connection to work out and prosper. Here are some tips to keep that cross-cultural romance going. It sure is hard, but it can work out.
1.  Find time to know each other's differences and similarities. This is the most important tip to remember in order to make a cross cultural romance going. Finding out both of your culture's similarities and differences will enable you both to work out the things that you are not comfortable in each other. This will enable you to synthesize your similarities and then use it to find some unity in your differences. Knowing it all is the key component to avoid complications.

2.  Respect each other's culture. No one will get hurt if both of you have respect for each other's beliefs and practices. Respect also plays a major role in a healthy relationship. Not only does it maintain a formidable relationship, but it also saves both of you from conflicts, fights and clashes. Having respect for each other will enable you to deeply understand each other's practices and beliefs. It will also help you gain a better understanding about why people, whom your partner share the same belief, do such things and practice such rituals.

3.  Do a "culture exchange". This is a fun way in order to try out the practices and customs of your partner. Experiencing their tradition first hand will enable you to see and understand for yourself, the customs, traditions and ways of your partner. This will also enable both of you to contribute to the enrichment of one's cultures and to the cultivation of one's self.

4.  Keep an open mind and an open heart.  Being in a cross cultural relationship is a hard thing to do, especially that there are possibilities of conflicts and misunderstandings, but keeping your mind open to possibilities and prospects can save you from all these problems. So, remember to keep that mind and heart wide open.
Cross-cultural romance is not easy, well any kind of relationship never is. But you can make it less difficult. Just try these few simple tips and for sure, you will survive this challenge of having different cultures.

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