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Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to Win Her Heart through Better Conversations

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I think we all know that most women would love it if their man was to work on being able to have better conversation and communication in their relationship. And I think we also know that most men are a little bit too stubborn to admit that they might need to put some work in when it comes to being able to have better conversations with their woman. You don't want to allow that stubborn streak to end up making you feel like you don't need to work on bridging any communication gap that you might have.

Here is some advice that should guide you if you want to be able to have better conversations with the woman you are dating:

1) Any conversation that you have with your girl should be one where you are doing just as much listening as you are talking.

Some guys think that talking more often to their girl means that they should do all of the talking and none of the listening and all I can say is, that's not going to work out too well. If you want to make her happy and you want to strengthen up your relationship, then you need to get good at listening just as much as you need to get good at making small talk with her. More than anything else, showing her that you are willing to listen to the things that she has to say is a good way to let her know that you are definitely serious about her. That's what you really want her to see, so go ahead and do some listening.

2) It's okay to add some fluff into the conversation if you have to.
You can't always go deep and you don't always have to. Like I said, most of what your girl wants is to see that you are at least willing to make the effort and sometimes adding in a little bit of fluff into the conversation will do just that. You may want to get serious with her once in a while, but not every conversation has to be some deep psycho analysis of where you and her are going. You can lighten things up once in a while.

3) Take what you learn about her and act on it.
The best way to show your girl that you are actually paying attention to what she has to say is to take what she tells you and what you learn about her and do something with that information. For example, if you find out that she is an art lover and you really never knew that about her before, why not plan some weekend getaway to an art gallery? Doing little things like this helps you to gain some ground with her because she knows that you are not just letting her words go in one ear and out the other one. She will know that you are actually paying attention to what it is that she has to say to you.

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