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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Important Guidelines For a Every Woman

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Relationships are a two-way street that requires the utmost devotion between two people. While some relationships are specifically entered into for the purpose of having fun, others involve more serious emotions, the desire to settle down and make a lifetime commitment. For many women, commitment is something that is hard to get from men with whom they wish to share the rest of their life.

Although frustrating, it is also not without a solution. Listed below are a number of solid tips on how to get him to commit, without jeopardizing your present relationship.

Be Open about What You Want
A lot of women are looking to seal the deal with their men, yet they are unwilling to communicate exactly how they feel. In order to get your man to even consider the idea of settling down, it is imperative that you make your wishes clear when the time is right. There always comes a time in every relationship when each party need to tell each other what they want out of the partnership.

Regardless of what you think he might say or how he reacts, it is important to let it be known that you want and need commitment from him at some point. This way, he does not feel ambushed when you tell him that you feel it’s time to take it to the next step.

How To Get Him To Commit: Repetition is Never Effective
After you both have had "the talk", it is never wise to repeat yourself, at least not sooner than necessary. Reminding your man about your need of commitment repeatedly is never a wise move as it might put enormous pressure on him. Tackling the subject of settling down once every 6 months is enough, so try not to overdo it or he might just shut down on you completely.
Give Subtle Reminders of Your Best Qualities

Men are fickle by nature; hence, the natural aversion to the idea of settling down or getting married. However, it becomes easier to get a man to commit by reminding him of just how much better his life is with you in it.

Little things like cooking a nice meal or having his friends or family over for a special dinner would definitely get him thinking about the future and how great it would be if you are beside him through all the years ahead.

Allow Him Time to Process
While so many men are afraid of commitment and all the responsibilities/restrictions that come with it, others are more than willing to entertain the possibility. What most men really need is some time to process and think through everything so that they can come up with a sound decision of his own, actually this is the `Secret`, steer him in the right direction but let him think, he will come up with the answer by himself.

Giving ultimatum is never a good idea, especially if your man already seems on the fence. Letting him warm up to the idea of marriage and lifetime commitment make it easier for both of you in the long run.

Show Some Flexibility
In the same way that some men are adamant and have a non-committal attitude towards romantic relationships, women can also dig their heels about the matter. Showing some flexibility as to the time frame and other relevant factors involving marriage would make him see that you are not desperate.

Tell Him Your Plans
Some men severely lack imagination, which prevents them seeing the bright future they can have with the woman they love. Letting him in on your plans for the future is one of the best ways on how to get him to commit. It might very well be that what you have longed for is exactly what he wants as well.

How To Get Him to commit? Easy... Make Him Feel He Has a Choice
The feeling of being trapped is one of the scariest things for men, which prompts them to stay as far away from the subject of marriage as possible. Letting him know that he has a choice in the matter is something that you should do if you want him to commit on his own volition. After all, you want a man who genuinely wants you, right?

These are merely guidelines on how to get him to commit, since all relationships are different, it is always best to act based on what you know about your man and what you really want to do as far as your relationship.


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