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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Invisible Sign that Will Never Fail That He or She is The One

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Who else is in a relationship, and is confused about what it means? Is it the real deal? Have I met my soul mate? Or am I just spinning my wheels and wasting my time on yet another relationship that's NOT going to work out? The truth is, while there are millions of women (and many men as well!) asking this exact question every day of every week of EVERY year... the answer is surprisingly simple to spot for most.

As a writer, love intuitive and relationship, the secret to understanding true love is often as much about YOU, he/her. Each of us has unique, hidden or "invisible" forces that work relentlessly in our relationship.

There are things we need to know in our relationship, the needs and desires that each partner wants are very different.
This leads to what I refer to as an "imbalance in emotional equilibrium", and mismatched meanings that WON'T make marriage (or any relationship) happy for long.

For example:
You can be in love with someone, deeply, passionately and with the full of your emotional intensity, and yet never really be happy, IF that person's underlying emotional needs are much different than your own.

A woman whose core values and who fundamentally craves security, family and commitment often falls in love with men whose core values are fun, freedom and financial focus.
No matter how strong you may feel for another... unless there is a core shift in the underlying emotional energy in one partner or the other (or ideally both) the relationship will invariably NOT work out.

The STATISTICS bear this out, as well.
How? Because 65% of all relationships end in divorce. It's not that the couples never were in love... it's that they have different emotional energy.

As an emotional intuitive person, this underlying invisible "force" is akin to your AURA.

You can change it with practice... but most of us never will. We are who we are. And because of that, no matter how powerful or persuasive the fleeting love you feel for someone in the beginning feels, in the long haul... picking partners that DON'T match your map of meaning are destined to fail.

The easiest way to find out if he's the one early on in the relationship... BEFORE you get hurt?

I know this is going to sound too new age and controversial for many of you, but trusting your intuition, and listening to the "direction" that the Universe wants you to follow is the real key to authentic love, happiness and bliss. Each of us comes into the world with a specifics set of plans, a PURPOSE and the passion to pursue our highest calling. Far too many of us, especially WOMEN... listen to our heads, rather than our hearts, when it comes to meeting our "match" and we give up far too much when we make a mistake.

I believe making the invisible, "visible" is the key to hooking up with the right one.

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