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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Is he Commitment-Phobic? Find Out

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You've been dating this guy who is obviously smitten with you, you have that undeniable chemistry and you enjoy doing things together but the problem is you can't get him to commit to a relationship. You start wondering why he hasn't introduced you as his girlfriend or worst he hasn't introduced you to anyone in his circle. There is only one thing I can think of right now, he is commitment-phobic.
The term "commitment phobia" is not a joke; there are actually people who are so terrified in committing themselves to a relationship. The moment they feel that it's starting to get a little serious, they bail out. That's usually the reason why he hasn't been calling you or he's avoiding that dreaded question "where do we stand in our relationship?"
As unfortunate as this can be; your situation is not hopeless. No, it's definitely not the end of the road for you. Don't just give up on the man who swept you off your feet without doing something. Learning how to make your man commit is no easy task but it's not a rocket science either. It's just a matter of doing things right and of course you need perfect timing. The solutions are pretty simple. Read the following tips below on how you can get a guy commit:
1.) Make him feel special and let him know that you love him for who he really is and not for who you want him to become. This is a very common mistake that most women make .We treat our men as projects and we have this stern idea in our heads on how we want the relationship to be, how we want to be treated and even worst on how we want our man to behave. It's ok to live by certain standards and I am not advising you to settle for less than what you deserve but at least be realistic. That dreamy guy you see in the movies is not real! Don't get into a relationship with a man hoping that he will change for you. You'll end up being disappointed in the end and that leaves you both frustrated. Love the person for who they are and that's all there is to it.
2.) Don't ever make the guy feel that once you become official that means saying goodbye to his beloved freedom. His world does not need to revolve around you now that you are exclusively dating. Let him enjoy his time with his friends and don't gang up on him if he plays Call of Duty for hours. As long as he's not taking you for granted you shouldn't try to jump on him for having fun once in a while outside your relationship. And please don't act like the jealous girlfriend all the time. Men find it cute when their girl gets a little jealous sometimes but do not overdo it. Don't beg for his Facebook password! Bottom line is, make sure you make your man feel that he can keep his freedom at a reasonable degree.
3.) Don't act desperate.  You don't need to scare him away! Don't talk about your dream wedding when you've only been dating for a couple of weeks. In other words, don't jump the gun if you really want to get him to commit to a relationship!

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