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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Secret Tactics You Must Know

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A lot of women find themselves in a boat christened with the name "I want to get married but he doesn't." When you're in that boat you find yourself riding some rough seas ahead with waves crashing down all around you. And the storm that is bringing about those rough seas is caused by the constant struggle between the two of you because of the different places you are both at in your relationship.

You can get into calmer waters easily by applying the information you learn here about how to get him to change his mind and ask you to marry him. The first place to start is by understanding more about what he is thinking. Once you do you'll get him to go from no to yes when it comes to marriage quite easily.

Let's begin with understanding first that men and women respond to their feelings differently. As a woman you already know that when it comes to feelings, you have a pretty good understanding of that pitter patter in your heart and what you want when you feel it for a man...yep, a commitment and a ring.

Guys, while they do have feelings, they don't necessarily put two and two together in that same fashion. They can feel love for you, but there needs to be something more. Not that he understands what the "something more" is. He only knows that just because he loves you, it doesn't automatically add up to a ring and forever.

To get him to want to commit to you requires something more. What else do you need to get him to want to put that ring on your hand? Well, you need to meet a couple more requirements that he's not even aware he is looking for.

See, men feel as though they have a certain mission in life. They sense that there is a purpose for them that they need to accomplish even though they may not know what it is. They also don't want to feel as though someone is dragging them down or holding them back from achieving that purpose.

Here are the secret tactics you can employ to get him to marry you when he isn't ready or doesn't want to. Give him these additional things that he is looking for in a woman.

Help him find his purpose in life. Don't tell him what he needs to do though. Simply just guide him in that direction through questions and open suggestions. And then, support him on his path to completing that mission. Be the partner that encourages his pursuit, not the anchor that's dragging him down.

When you show you are the supporter of his cause in addition to being the one he loves, that gives him what he's looking for that will make him enthusiastically ask you to marry him.

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