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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Should this be Your Last Mile?

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Memories of what could have been, what should have been are all that is left when one has walked the last mile of love. Having fought through the heartaches and cheering at the signs of time that love has conquered and won a sigh of relief unveils itself over one's face. Then within an instant what should have been, what could have been is suddenly taken away. How does one deal with a love that was so right and yet circumstances beyond one's control seems to foster that everything will eventually go wrong? This is one of several stories associated with love and lost.

When individuals consciously choose to love with all of their being, there are no sacrifices too great that one is unwilling to bear. One may give up time, family, work, friends, and oneself to ensure that the love one has lasts forever. Yet, this just may not be enough to save love as the past in either person's life may impede the present and future progress that should and could be made. The question on everyone's mind seemed to be whether or not they would ever find a love that lasted forever or would this be their final walk on finding love.

I wish I had the answers as I honestly know the pain felt when life's unexpected turns takes away one's dreams of being loved by that special person. As individuals, we find ourselves re-evaluating ways to save love, to hold on to love. It just seems like things continue to worsen rather than become better. It seems like the harder one loves, the harder one fights. Yet all the fighting seems to be for nothing since in the end love comes up short in winning the battle. Regardless if one views the glass half empty or half full, what I have learned in the lives of others is that this is not the end of love but the beginning of learning to love.

True love goes through peaks and valleys. True love will be tested with love's unexpected twists and turns. This is what love is. However, the question has less to do with the fight of love or questioning if love is real and instead has more to do with standing firm when love seems to be taken away.

Standing firm through the storms of life may help to heal the broken heart an individual may experience when love is far away-- temporarily or permanently. The fact still remains that no one has the power to dictate if this will be one's last walk of love except oneself. The individual holds the key as to whether or not she/he will continue on the path of finding love or giving up on love. People may only offer their opinions or suggestions but in the end the final decision is up to the individual going through the experience. So what will YOU choose-continue moving towards the love YOU deserve or walking YOUR last mile of love? It is my hope that as I walk this journey alongside YOU that your journey to finding the love YOU deserve will find its way to YOU and it will last forever.

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