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Monday, June 11, 2012

Strengthen Your Relationship

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We hear a lot about ensuring that things are sustainable. It's a buzzword these days. There's sustainable energy, sustainable business practices, sustainable everything. In the business arena sustainability is a key concern. But you do not tend to hear very much about relationship sustainability.

How likely is your relationship to be happy and sustainable in the long term? Do you have what might be termed a mature relationship or one that is less well thought out? How well do you deal with the lumps and bumps in your relationship? Do you pull together or rather do you fall apart? Do you hide your face or turn the other way when things aren't going so well?

Some relationships just seem to bring out the worst in people whilst others bring out the best in them. Often a relationship makes sense on paper but it turns out to be too wearying upon one's emotions. It's easy to spend far too many years thinking things like "Once we get over this point" or "Once the kids are in higher institution" or "Once we get more stable financially".
We find ourselves making excuses for the status of our relationships. We perhaps don't put enough time and effort into our relationships. We might approach our relationship with a bad attitude.

From time to time we are probably all a little guilty in this respect. That's normal. But if this is how it is for the majority of the time then something is amiss. The balance has tipped and what might have been a sustainable relationship becomes an intolerable relationship.

A good relationship requires thought and consideration. If you do not prioritize and think about your relationship in the right manner then it will not proceed in the way that you desire. Good relationships require a great deal of respect.

If you feel the need to re-generate the love in your relationship and your partner is of the same view, it is an easier task than you might think. In many ways all you need to do is put your heads together and think about how you would like to approach your relationship from now on.

Spend some time recalling the things that brought you together and what you used to love about each other. Spend time together doing things that you both love to do. Needless to say, quit spending time chewing on the things that irritate you; put up or shut up!

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