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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Unconditional Love

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Unconditional love is usually based on: I love you for who you are.
It is about each person enhancing the life of the other.

Unconditional love is about loving someone for who they are because that person enhances your life, when you are with them things are better than they were before. In unconditional love, though you have the ability to survive and thrive alone, but you choose to be together because you work well together, you have fun together, you advance more rapidly together.

If you have Unconditional love then Monogamy is a pleasure
Yes, I know we would all like to find that perfect relationship where we are fully able to rely upon another for life, where we have perfect communication, a satisfying and regular sex life, and we just 'know' that everything is great forever...

But the reality of life is not that way -
When life gets in the way, the communication sometimes breaks down, the sex life sometimes dwindles or dies, the financials sometimes create issues, the kids sometimes take up too much time, the small things sometimes over take the important things and we lose our way...

And this is where Unconditional love comes into play

Much of what I talk about might make sense on the surface but makes no headway in your mind because it goes against the grain of everything you have been taught.

Much of what I encourage could enlighten your life exponentially if you pay close attention.

Unconditional love - try it.

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