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Friday, June 22, 2012

Ways of Finding True Love

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Have you been feeling your one true love will never appear? Are you reading relationship books which list from A-Z how to find your love match?

So many of us are searching for our one true love... the story book romance, but do not really understand a few important factors. Whether you believe this or not, the Law of Attraction is real. This law extends to anything and everything in your life. You might be asking yourself how do I start this?

The number one key to finding true love naturally is to love yourself first. If you love yourself unconditionally you will attract someone who truly loves you. Heal your old wounds and release past relationship pains and forgive yourself and others who have caused you pain. Things may have happened for reasons.
While you are spending time alone and connecting to a higher source through relaxation or meditation it is also imperative to change your thought process. Your thoughts are extremely powerful. What you think is what you create for yourself on every level. For example if you think that men/woman are cheaters, you will attract a person who will cheat on you. If you are not ready for a commitment, you will attract others who cannot commit or are married. In all actuality, life is an illusion because our vision is what we see and no two people are alike.

It is time to throw out all the old "dating rules." Who decided what is right for dating? So many people are so confused and why? Because there aren't two people alike.  Don’t allow others to judge you. Life is about following your heart and not your head! All your answers lie within; if it feels right then go for it. Your heart is your true guide. Your heart does not lie to you, deceive you, or is jealous of you. Your heart center are pure answers given to you which leads you everywhere you need to be and advises you on your next move. Be quiet to connect within and ask and then listen for the answers to receive.

Last, but not least is universal timing. When you change your thoughts to become the positive person you were always meant to be, the Universe will bring your true love to thee in the right time. Everything in life is based on timing. An example of timing we can all relate to is long lines at Super stores. Instead of being in a hurry, look at the positive aspect of that line. You are not meant to be where you are headed just yet. Trust that you are always protected and always guided. It is possible you are being saved from misfortune or maybe you are being kept from being involved in an accident. It is possible there is some important information you need to hear, or someone you are supposed to meet. Just maybe your true love is standing in line right behind you. The main point here is to start releasing control and trusting that someone has your best interests at heart.

Relax; understand timing and unconditional love and I promise you your world will completely change. Practice these few steps while being more aware of what is going on around you and you can prove this to yourself. 

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Unknown said...

i need true love from any good lady who wil show me love.