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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why he May Pull Away

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Are you unknowingly driving him away?

Do you know your idle talk might be driving your potential husband away?
Men base a future wife on the value to enhance his life. Women have a tendency to base a husband on how good of a provider and protector he might be.

Getting these signals messed up can leave you alone once again. You may think you are not judging a man on those criteria but chances are your talk implies it.
When we meet a potential lover for the first time there can be a physical attraction on one or both parties. Beyond the physical there needs to be something substantial to go further than the first date or so. Does this sound familiar? Are you not making it past the first few dates with guys you think are real catches?

Are your questions all wrong?
Perhaps your questions to make conversation are all wrong, that would be such a shame. I know you can't sit there in dead silence hoping that he will keep the dialogue going. Besides if you just sit there and not contributing he might feel you are not interested in him, shy or bored.

We all know guys like to flaunt and exaggerate who they are and what they own. They are sort of like the animal species, such as the male birds with their fancy plume of feathers. They strut around trying to attract a female bird to mate with. Get the connection with the man and his car. We should acknowledge the car as being a fine machine as the man is proud of it, but never let it be such a huge part of your attraction to him. It could also backfire on you, as he might read it as you are only interested in his money.

Men think women are complicated! Surprisingly a man can be madly in love with a woman but never want to marry her. If a man won't commit to marriage it means he may leave when he finally figures out why he can't marry you. Will it be when he finds someone else that fits the total picture of what he is looking for in a wife?

Be careful with your conversations with a man you have just started to get to know. If he feels he is being interrogated with questions that imply if he is capable of financially able to take care of you, he might be gone in a flash. Yes, maybe, even if he is genuinely attracted to you.

Don't waste years of your life on the wrong man or not understanding why men won't commit to marriage.

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