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Friday, July 13, 2012

Attaining a Spiritual Healing Will Attract You the Love You Deserve

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If your love life is an endless stream of non commitment from lovers, or the wrong person, or relationships that never last or work out-it may be due to the programming replaying in your mind. This programming is a result of what we experienced during our formative childhood years. Children who have loving and positive childhoods develop into loving and happy adults. Children who endure physical, mental and verbal abuse in childhood develop into needy, desperate and insecure adults who do not have self-love for themselves. Unless a person does get some type of therapy, those programs get worse overtime and as a result the person has a life of unfulfilled love in relationships.

As adults we adapt to these programs and find it easier to keep repeating them than doing the work to change the program. Our egos tell us we have no problem; but instead we blame the significant others in our life for causing the problems in the relationships. However, we can heal and learn to love ourselves in order to attract the right person to us. Healing yourself takes work and is not an overnight process-it is a lifelong process. However, because negative memories never completely go away-we learn how to cope with and control our reaction to the memories.

There are effective methods you can do right now that will start you on the path to understanding and loving yourself. Of course this healing process requires placing our trust on God and our angels to help us release our ego driven needy behaviour, desperation and loneliness. But first, remember and commit this to memory, "I can attract a healthy loving person who loves me, if I love myself first".

For spiritual healing to be effective, we have to accept that we do have a problem and need help. Also the prayers in this article can be copied down and should be repeated anywhere and anytime as needed. This prayer will help you release your negative programming. "My dear God, and my angels I need your help. Please be with me, and guide me. I am letting go and giving you're all my ego based and destructive desperation, needy behaviour, fears, sadness, frustrations and any other negative emotions that keep me from the happiness, peace and love I deserve. I ask that you fill my empty void with your love and kindness. I am worthy of all you have to offer. I am sorry and please help me to forgive myself. I love you and I love myself. Thank you".

The other prayer that will help in releasing the blame and anger you may have towards your parents or caretakers and or those in both friendships and romantic relationships is: "Dear Lord, I give to you the anger, the pain, frustration, and the blame that I am feeling towards all those who have hurt me. Please forgive me and them, I love you my dear Lord, I love myself. Thank you." The reason we ask for forgiveness for ourselves, is that we are responsible for both the choices we made in our relationships and for the changes we choose to make. It is also our responsibility to heal our own emotional empty void. No one on planet earth can do it, so that is why we ask God and our angels for help.

The next step is to write down all the negative emotions, rage and anger we feel towards those who have hurt us. Then we go through each item and feel the emotional impact and let it all go. After we have spent our emotional reaction on each item this is the pray to say, "Dear Lord and my dear angels, I give you these negative emotions. Please keep my mind free from them. I love and forgive myself and I love you. Thank you". The challenge as you go through your healing is that your old memories are familiar and may want to stay. However, when you find yourself thinking of them-stop and pray: "My dear God, take this memory away now-I do not need it. Thank you. I love you".

Also during your healing process anxiety may rear its ugly head and cause you to talk endlessly about it to family and friends. However, this may drive them away and they may start avoiding you. This prayer will help you through the anxiety. "Dear God, please give me the strength to overcome this anxiety and not burden my family and friends with my anxiety. I ask you to take it away now. I love you and thank you". You may find support groups around you that you can attend and talk with others if need be. Remember--you are worthy and deserving of love!

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