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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dealing With Long Distance Relationship

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Long distance relationships are sometimes unavoidable. Many don't like them as the dealings with your partner are controlled by your partner. It is much more difficult to catch someone cheating on you long distance than if you live close to each other. There is the constant fear that they may meet someone new or be tempted by another in their area. And your contact with each other is short and so you have lots of time to imagine and fantasize about what could be happening to them without you. So how do you deal with a long distance relationship so that your love grows?

1. Agree on what you expect from each other. Assumption is the killer of many relationships. You both need to talk and agree on the type of relationship that you have and what it entails. Is it just a casual relationship and what does that mean? Is it okay for you to date other people and when you do date is it with your long distance relationship in mind or as an available person. Is your long distance relationship exclusive so that you are faithful emotionally and/or physically to one another... or can still casually date? There are so many relationship possibilities that you must define and agree on what it is and what each of you is required to do. Do not assume that they want the same things as you do or that they feel what you are feeling or that he/she has the self control that you do.

2. Agree on what is a relationship breaker for each of you. You are both feeling human beings and you will continue to be attractive to people until you die so agree on what both of you cannot do in this relationship. If you do what is forbidden does it mean that the relationship is over or that you just try harder not to do it? Agree on what is realistic for both of you so that you don't frustrate each other.

3. Agree on the type and frequency of your communication. Communication is key in a long distance relationship and you should both commit to a regular communication schedule based on costs and your other commitments. There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing when you will talk to each other next. So minimize that for yourselves by agreeing on how, when and how often.

Relationships are based on trust and a long distance relationship often tests your trust in each other in new ways... but if handled properly it can be an excellent trust builder for both of you.

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