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Monday, July 23, 2012

Keep Him Interested

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To keep a man interested in a relationship is almost the same as keeping a man interested in you (and therefore in his relationship with you). What should you do to keep a man interested?

 Don't drive him away. You may be driving your man away by what you are saying to him or what you are not saying.

I need to change him by telling him what is wrong with him. Is everything you say to your man negative? You may have the best intentions and your heart may be in the right place but when all that you say is criticism then you push your man away... and his interest in you and the relationship dwindles.

If I don't say anything negative than he will know that I am happy. When he does something good or says something memorable or witty... what do you say? Do you compliment him or do you assume that since you didn't say anything bad then he will somehow know that you thought he was good?

Draw him to yourself.
Be Ms. Encourager! To keep a man interested in a relationship he must feel loved, appreciated and secure in the relationship. He may not be Mr. Perfect but you need to notice positive things in his behaviour, in his efforts, in his appearance and in the things that he owns so that you can let him know that you noticed and you appreciate that thing about him. If you can aim to cut down your negative criticisms then he will begin to feel warmer towards you and to be interested in you and in your relationship.

Be deliberately positive. To keep a man interested in a relationship he has to feel loved and appreciated so make up your mind that you will view him positively. Believe that he loves you and wants to do what is best for you... and then see his deeds in that light.

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