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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Lookout Signs He is Mr. Right

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Were you with the guy that you thought might be Mr. Right? You thought he was the guy you have been looking for that could be your potential partner for life but it did not work out. The two of you got along great and he had all the qualities you felt would make him compatible with you. Your question may now be how you can tell if the next guy is indeed Mr. Right or you are wasting your time.

There are some girls that say they knew right from the start that the guy they were with was the one and others say it took time to find out that fact. There are some signs you can be on the lookout for that will help you find the answer you are looking for.

Below are five tips that can help you out.
1. Do you each have a plan for your lives that are similar? If the two of you seem to have the same interests and goals for your future and your discussions appear to include each other in those plans, you may have the guy you are looking for.

2. Does he take an interest in your day? If he asks how your day went does he actually seem to care or is he just asking for the heck of it? Taking a true interest in your life and supporting you in what you do is a sign that can be taken as positive.

3. Do you not worry about him when you are not around? If you feel you can trust him without a doubt no matter if he is keeping your secrets safe or out with the guys you can consider yourself lucky.

4. Is he respectful to other people? You do not want to be with someone that is disrespectful because you will eventually be treated this way yourself. Being able to treat everyone with respect is a wonderful trait and everyone will respect you back. If you see your guy being disrespectful especially to his own family then you may want to look elsewhere.

5. If your guy can accept you for who you are consider yourself lucky. You do not have to be someone else just to make someone like you, they will find out what the real you is like, eventually. Your best bet is being able to start your relationship by just being your true self and not what you think your guy will like.

There are more signs you can watch for but these will get you started. Remember no one is perfect so keep in mind your guy may have a flaw or two. As long as these flaws are something you can cope with, you should be ok. You also must treat him the way you wish him to treat you, it goes both ways.

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