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Friday, July 27, 2012

Meeting the Right Man

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Deep down inside, you are really hoping that someday you will be able to meet a good man. You don't want to have to play mind games, you don't want to have to deal with a guy who is trying to play the field, and you certainly don't want to end up with a guy who is abusive. Just wanting to meet a guy like that is one thing, but how does a woman actually go about doing that? That's the thing that makes you wonder, right?

Well, here are 3 tips that you need to know about meeting a good man:

1) You need to get yourself in a place where you are able to filter out the bad ones. This is something that really only you can do. You can learn all of the tips and techniques that you want to learn about getting a man to feel attracted to you, but if you use those tips and techniques to attract the bad guy, then what's the use? Get used to trying to screen out guys by really getting to know them and being able to read through whatever it is that they say. There are plenty of guys who can say the right thing, but don't really mean what they say. Those are the ones that you need to learn to filter out.

2) You need to dress the part of a woman who can attract a good guy. When you dress like a woman who won't put up with any games or anything like that, you are going to tend to attract a good guy. You don't need to be rich to dress that way. You just have to make sure that your appearance speaks well of you

3) You need to be able to find out where to go to meet the right man. Most women end up looking in all of the wrong places to meet a guy and of course, when they do that, they end up meeting only guys who are bad for them. When you are able to find out where the good guys tend to go to socialize, that is when you will be a lot more likely to end up with the right kind of guy. And, when you do know that certain places are bad for you to meet guys, stop going there.

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