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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Seeing These Signs? You Could Not be Wrong!

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Men and women will continue to develop feelings for each other. It's natural regardless of class, upbringing or any other factor. But how can you tell that he is developing feelings for you? What are the signs that he is developing feelings?
1. He wants to hang around you. A sign that he is developing feelings will be his need to be with you. He will want to hang out with you and will find ways to be where he knows you will be.
2. Personal space invasion. A man who is developing feelings will want to be physically close to you and he will often invade your personal space. When he talks he will stand closer than is comfortable... and you may be tempted to take a few steps back as you feel invaded.
3. He compliments the unusual. A sign that he is starting to like you is that he notices uncommon things in you and compliments you on them. He may notice how kind you are or how your eyes light up when you smile or other such unusual details.
4. He investigates you. A man who is starting to like you will want to know things about you. He will thus look up details about you (your age, where you come from etc). He will have information about you that you don't normally share with other people or which other people have no interest in.
A man who is developing feelings for you will let you know by how he acts towards you. Increased feelings of attraction normally translate into an outward expression of those feelings. His heart gets his body to subtly let you know that he really likes you.

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