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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sneak Into the Men's World

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When it comes to winning a guy's heart or maintaining a healthy relationship with the man of their dreams, women count on the love relationship advice offered by their girlfriends. Some of them follow their gut.

So, here is an exclusive piece of love relationship advice from a man to a woman.

Let's find out if you have some of these qualities and if not you can always try to impress your man with this love relationship advice:

1. Movies- It's all about being able to sit through a movie with your man: be it romantic, comedy, drama or action. Be interested in what you're watching. Watching a movie together is of the nice ways to bond. Let him know you're involved in the movie. Then, discuss what you liked or disliked about the movie. This'll give you a chance to spend some more time with him. If the story isn't your cup of tea, let him know. Don't nag about it. He'll appreciate your straightforwardness. If he cares about you he'll make a mental note for the future.

2. Be Presentable- 70% of males accept that having a hot partner is wonderful. I mean neatness and taking proper care of yourself to be presentable or sexy to your man. They like women who're able to express their ideas. So, check the way you talk. If you can pen your thoughts with a decent use of language, it'll be an added advantage. Your point of view should be backed by some solid reason. In a conversation, if the topic is alien to you, listen and then, use your head to pick a side.

3. Be Fun Loving- You should be able to have a good laugh and let him know that you have a lighter side to your perfect self! You shouldn't be reckless when having fun and be able to rein him in when needed. Yes! Men dig girls who are dependable.
On the other hand, you should be careful that you end up ruining the fun night. Don't police him!

4. Liquor Holding Capacity- If you drink, you should know when to stop. Don't show off your drinking capacity by gulping down 6 shots of neat vodka or St Remy, when you know you go crazy after the second one! Being a teetotaller is preferable. Vomiting all the way is bound to turn him off unless he's an opportunist.

5. Be Rooted- There's nothing wrong with being modern. Guys just say don't forget your basic values. He'll be impressed when he knows you take pride in being you. If you forget where you come from, then you couldn't possibly forecast the course of your relationship.

Hope this love relationship advice help you sneak-a-peak in the men's world. Follow these tips and be worshipped like a goddess!

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