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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Does Love Remain the Same?

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Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is the hard part. In the beginning you're all on your best behaviour, sharing visions of how you dreamed your lives would be. Finishing sentences, laughing at each others jokes. Over time the newness wears off.

Building castles of sand or stone?
Life is fluid. You aren't the same person you were ten years ago, and either is your partner. It's normal that your relationship has moved into a different phase. Now you can see each other as you really are, and not through rose-colored glasses. This is usually where most people will say, "You aren't the same person I first met!" Actually, they were, but you weren't seeing them for who they were, but whom you wanted. See the imperfect perfectly, and build your relationship on foundations of what really matters. Your relationship has less to do with someone's looks, money, body, or possessions, than the values you both share.

Be ready for detours.
Just as sure as you are that all your best laid plans will go off without a hitch, there will be some glitch just to show you that you're human. We all face adversity and fears. It's how we deal with those situations that determine our lot in life. Expect the unexpected and you'll never be caught off guard. Understand that you're both a team, and that by working together for the best of the relationship will ensure mutual prosperity, and a harmonious home.

Just let go already!
Everything you've gone through in life has brought you to this very moment. Your partner is with you for a reason. Fate has dropped them on your doorstep for you to learn about love and yourself. It's a new opportunity to try again, and love again. Think back to all your old relationships, and remember of all the wonderful things. Remember what you did, and how that made you feel. Also, remember what went wrong, and what your part of the end you contributed to. Then release the baggage that keeps you prisoner of your own design. Allow your partner to be themselves, make mistakes, and learn, like you, to love in a whole new way. Listening is learning, and loving is caring.

Nothing makes you feel more secure than knowing that your partner has your back, and that your love is on solid ground. Life is full of ups and downs, but one constant should always be your relationship. Friends may come and go. We may go from job to job, or from place to place. But if you accept all that is good in your partner, as well as help overcome all the difficulties with sincere affection, there is no reason you cannot have the type of relationship you've always wanted, and the happiness you've always dreamed of.

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