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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Kind of Women Men Fall in Love With

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What kind of women do men fall in love with? What do women that men fall in love with have in common? Women that men fall in love with are most probably those that are happily married or in emotionally satisfying relationships. So what sets women that men fall in love with apart from those who men just barely tolerate or who they treat with disrespect and disdain?

1. She knows that she matters... as does the man. A woman who men love is one who does not allow a man to dismiss or disrespect her and her needs. She clearly expresses herself without disrespecting the feelings or self-esteem of her man. She does not trample all over her man in pursuit of her own interest but respects his feelings and concerns.

2. She has made peace with her body. A characteristic of women men fall in love with is their ability to love themselves. Not in a selfish self-centred way that says 'look at me!', 'look at me!'... I am the centre of the world but with an attitude that she is not perfect but she is happy with all that makes her uniquely her. She may have bits of her body that she still wishes were not as they were but she has learnt to embrace what she has.

3. She finds fulfilment in the life she has. Another characteristic of women men fall in love with is their lack of complaining and bitching about all that is wrong with their life. Their life circumstances are not perfect but they strive to do their best wherever they are. They have the emotional resources to tackle life and the things that life brings to them. They have bad days but they conquer. They live life with strength and dignity.

Women that men fall in love with are not necessarily the most beautiful but they have an inner joy, self-awareness, self-confidence and a tranquillity about them that just draws men to them. Their inner qualities also make men fall in love with them as they do not repel the man once he is attracted and drawn to them.

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