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Sunday, August 26, 2012

About Relationship

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Relationships are everything to most of us. We all want to be part of a loving and secure relationship but sadly sometimes, it doesn't always happen. At the start of a relationship, there may be small signs of it not being quite what you wanted or expected but as so many of us are blinded by the 'honey period', these cracks are often overlooked. Why is it that we often fall for the same type of character in a partner, knowing full well that it didn't work out with the last one!

We are naturally drawn to people, who we find attractive for whatever reasons, but sometimes we know when we need to make a conscious decision to go for a different type of person. This is a huge step in the right direction. Many people spend their life in an unhappy relationship, yearning for something better, envious of friends in happy relationships - but not brave enough to make a change for themselves.

The first thing everyone should learn to do before they can ever be in a happy relationship is to love yourself. This is the most important thing and until you do this, you can never give yourself fully to that person. By loving and respecting yourself, you can then give out love and respect your partner. This lays a strong foundation right from the start where you can both build a happy and secure relationship from.

If there have been issues in past relationships then it is better to be open and honest with your new partner, making sure you always communicate any worries you have as and when they arise. Communication is the absolute key of all relationships. When we stop talking, we stop being honest with each other about how we feel which can then have a snowball effect on all areas of the relationship. It isn't true that if people don't argue then there's something wrong! If you can communicate your feelings without having to raise your voice, then surely this is better? Nobody likes confrontation and we should all have enough respect for ourselves and others to trust that whatever we need to say, will be listened to.
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