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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Avoid the Wrong Man and Meet Your Soul Mate

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Ever wonder how you can meet your Mr. Right, your soul mate, while avoiding the heartache of dating the wrong men.

Mr. Right has been eluding single women for centuries, It's not because he's hiding. Usually women miss meeting their soul mate because they get distracted by the wrong men.

That sounds simple enough. However your search for a soul mate can actually be extremely difficult because Mr. Right may not have the appearance of the man of your dreams. He may not have the charming, smooth personality you're usually attracted to.

In fact your soul mate may be an average guy. The same as the guy in your office, you neighbour or the guy you bump into every morning at a Supermarket. That's what throws many single women off; after all they have some idea in their heads of what they want in a soul mate.

Unfortunately what many single women think they want in a man, is often some version of a man who's wrong for them.

If what you want in a soul mate is based solely on how he looks or some other superficial characteristic, you may be heading for trouble.

That's why in order to meet your Mr. Right you need to start eliminating the wrong men from your dating life.

Here are what may distract women from finding the right man.

Mr. Perfect
He can be imaginary or a real person. Most single women have had a fantasy of a perfect man in their head at some point in their lives. An idealized version of what you think your soul mate should be.

The problem with Mr. Perfect is, he has no flaws. When you search for a perfect man, you usually wind up alone. You'll pass over any number of men who might be your soul mate because none of them can measure up to his imaginary perfection.

Mr. Wrong
Mr. Wrong is someone that's not right for you. That guy that's "not your type." Many single women have a very good idea of what they do and don't want in a man. In this case you have a man that doesn't meet your requirements for a soul mate.

The problem with Mr. Wrong is, sometimes he's actually Mr. Right. If your deal breaker list is longer than your arm, it's likely you're excluding some men who could be your soul mate. Just narrowing down the amount of items on your deal breaker list can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to meeting

Finding your soul mate is not as simple as it seems. As you can see wrong man can easily be the right man in disguise and vice versa. That's why you need to make sure you know what you want in a relationship so that when you find it, you'll be able to recognize it.
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