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Friday, August 24, 2012

Compatibility Test

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Are you in a new relationship and curious to know if you're truly compatible? Do you have your eye on someone new... and THINK you make a great match, but aren't 100% sure he (or she) is really right for YOU? Do you even wonder what REAL compatibility really is... and if you can ever be 100% "right" for anyone at all, or is that just a romantic myth and fairy tale that's too good to be true?

Most of us ask short term compatibility questions. Are we geographically a match? Do we have similar work schedules? And so forth.

These questions are not going to give you REAL insight or answers from a big picture, "soul" level connection that each of us should be striving to create.

They are NEVER the sort of things you seek in a true lifetime connection or spiritual bond that transcends the "now".

Instead, you should be asking, at an absolute minimum, the 3 critical questions below.

Do we share the same PASSION?
And no... I'm not talking strictly about intimate passions, although we all know THEY count, too! I'm talking about the real passions for life; the same interests that make us come alive and feel inspired.

Many people are hardwired differently, and simply will never share the same underlying idea of what a life well lived (and loved) is really about. If you ignore this in the beginning... I don't care HOW good he looks on paper; you will end up as a relationship statistic down the road.

Do we share the same PURPOSE?
Each of us has a unique life purpose. I truly believe that, and in my own experience, it's been reinforced through watching and witnessing some amazing people discover their own. If you don't share a sense of purpose with your partner, the rest of the compatibility chart doesn't really matter much at all.

If you feel, for example... that life is about giving, and contributing and creating, you are someone who has a strong sense of personal purpose. If you meet someone who believes that life is about taking and looks as others as a means to get where he (or she) wants to be in life, you are NEVER going to last together as a couple.

People who share passion and purpose can move mountains together and are destined for great things. And this leads us to our final compatibility test question.

Are we karmically connected?
Do you feel like your lives were meant to intersect? Do you feel like together, in some way you maybe, can't even properly describe, that you were fated, destined or even arranged to live, love, learn, grow and flow together through this life.

Most (if not all) of the happiest and healthiest couples believe exactly that... and they'll all describe a sense of the "Universe" bringing them together.

When you feel this, you KNOW it... both in your heart, your head and your soul, and it's the truest test of compatibility and the best feeling in the world to boot.
I hope you enjoyed reading, your thoughts and views are welcome. Let’s talk about love

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