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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Couples Counselling May be All You Need

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If your relationship is in crisis and you want to make it work, you may not be able to do it alone. Sometimes a relationship can become so emotionally charged it's difficult to see the solutions. Consider the following five reasons you might need couples counselling to save your relationship.

Your Relationship Problems Affect Everything Else Negatively
At one time, your relationship made everything in your life better. Now it seems to do the opposite. When you're stressed over a recent fight, you find yourself feeling more frustrated at work and getting irritable with your family and friends.

Of course, this all comes back around to create more tension at home. All you want is your relationship to be a loving stable influence in your life once again.

You Want To Stay Together But Don't Know Where To Start
You know you love each other, but trying to stay together as a couple has you feeling lost. You feel confident that if you and your partner could just figure out how to work together, things would improve. But how do you start making change?

Being overwhelmed like this almost makes you wonder if it's worth it. But when you take a look at what you have together, you know you just have to keep trying. Couples therapy may be the way to make real change and start feeling more confident again.

You Keep Looking To The Better Days Of The Past
When your relationship was on better footing, life was great. Even when things went wrong, you could always count on your relationship to help you get through the tough spots. Now, things don't seem so rosy. You want to have the stability and warmth you and your partner used to have together.

You can't live in the past, but you want to recapture that part of your relationship in the present moment. Counselling can help you connect your past and present, helping you move forward together.

Someone Has Mentioned Divorce
Whether it's a serious suggestion or an empty threat, just one mentioning of divorce can change the whole outlook of a troubled relationship. As a couple, you may have promised to see each other through thick and thin.

Now that someone's talked about leaving, it may be hard to know if you and your partner will stay together. You know something significant needs to happen to prevent your relationship from falling apart.

You've Already Tried Self-Help Methods
If you've taken a self-help approach to work on your problems as a couple and you still didn't see lasting change, couples counselling can still help. Seeking your own solutions means you are invested in your relationship. Just because the self-help solutions didn't work doesn't mean you should give up.

You may be close to making some important changes but just need an outside perspective and some encouragement. Sometimes just working with an unbiased supportive person can make the difference.

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