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Thursday, August 23, 2012

How do You Search for Love?

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Love is an emotion that gives humans a reason to live. For many centuries love has been romanticized, glorified and magnified. Love, the word, the feeling, the sensation is the most sought after emotion. All of us want to fall in it, be loved and feel the sweetness eternally. But then why do people find it so difficult to fall in it and when they do why does it turn bitter for most of us? Why do people run away, cheat or simply break away? Love doesn't remain on the pedestal rather falls right in-front of our eyes and we crush it with our own feet.

The main reason is, We never fall in love to begin with. The journey starts with the need of love, not the need to love.

Empty beings, tired of this selfish world where they feel alone, vulnerable and weak look out in the crowd for that one 'someone' who will love them for eternity.

With whom we will feel complete. The search isn't for someone whom we can fulfil and give love for the rest of our lives. 'Because an empty vessel never fills another pot'! Humans have reached a stage where the desire to want is much higher than the desire to give. It's like parasites sucking each other’s blood hoping they both will stay alive and happy.

True love begins inside. People truly capable of loving and experiencing true love aren't afraid of being alone. Being alone they love themselves, when with their love they give immensely.

Searching for love is like searching for God. You need to believe in both, and you must find them first before you can give them to the other. They say 'God resides inside you'. Because if you go searching for God (love) you will never find it. It's when you realise its deep inside, you no longer seek to find, you seek to give. And when all are giving, receiving overfills.

Love is a sweetener where only in abundance will make sure everyone has a fair share. Don't be scared if they say ' love is blind' because love is meant to be felt by the heart. You fall in love as your mind falls to your heart and follows it. The leap of faith taken when you fall in love doesn't scare you when you know it is not a bondage, it is an experience. Enjoy the existence of it. 
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