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Friday, August 10, 2012

Improve Your Relationship through These

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Do you want to get a better relationship? Here are some things you can do to improve your relationship:

1. Play together. A sense of rest, fun, peacefulness and of being energized comes when you play together... and you see and enjoy the fun side of each other. You put aside the concerns of daily living for a while and just enjoy playing (like kids)... and improve your relationship.

2. Share ideas together. When you openly exchange ideas with each other then you learn to respect each other... and each other's ideas even when you don't agree with them. We feel loved and safe with a person who respects our opinion and our capacity to think. And we feel alienated from those who dismiss our ideas as foolish or having no merit.

3. Sharing feelings. To improve your relationship then begin to share your heart and its concerns with your partner... and allow them to share theirs. Respect their feelings and hold them in confidence and they will feel that you understand them and care about them and what they are going through.

4. Share crisis or difficulties. When you support each other through a crisis then you will feel a special closeness that comes to those who overcome things together. This comes partly due to a realization that you will both stick together and face whatever life throws at you.

5. Create things together. To improve your relationship, then create something together. This can be making something that you both enjoy doing... even something as simple as a jigsaw puzzle can have an effect on your relationship. There is a closeness and sense of accomplishment when you finish the thing that you have both created together.

6. Sharing beauty together. A focus on something beautiful and magnificent lifts your heart and soul and improves your relationship when you do it together. There is awe and a feeling of wonder that draws you together.

7. Share common spiritual beliefs or experiences. When you share something that is bigger than either of you then there is a deep connection that is forged between the two of you.

To improve your relationship you need to increase and diversify the things that you do together. We often share only a few things with our loved one but to deepen your relationship then you need to expand your shared experiences and feelings.

I hope you enjoyed reading, your thoughts and views are welcome. Let’s talk about love

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