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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Signs He is Falling in Love

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Is he one of your many friends that you like a little too much? Do you wish that he liked you or do you suspect that he may like you? You want to be able to tell when a guy likes you so that you can know how best to treat him. What are the signs that he is getting attached to you?

1. He is nervous around you. When he is getting attached to you then he tends to get nervous around you since you matter to him... and he is afraid of messing up in front of you. This man is usually confident around other people... but when he is with you then you detect some nervousness.

2. He remembers details. A man that likes you will pay attention to you... and you will be amazed at the details about you that he will be able to recall. He will remember what you wore when you met or what you said at that meeting.

3. He works to integrate your lives together.
He makes an effort to connect with your friends and family members since he likes you and wants to be a part of your life.
Since he is attached to you then he will quickly introduce you to his friends, colleagues etc, since he sees you as someone he wants as a part of his life.

4. He talks of 'we' often. A sign that he is getting attached to you is that he will see you as part of him and he will often talk about 'we' a lot instead of 'you' or 'I' as that is what he desires in his life... to be part of a relationship with you.

5. He is happy to do things that he normally wouldn't do... for and with YOU! A man who is getting attached to you will find himself in unfamiliar places just to spend time with you... and he will be contented being there. Or he will do things that he normally would never do... just for you.

6. He focuses totally on you. A man who is just hanging out with you will be scanning the environment for another option (gal) but if he is relaxed and is enjoying being with you... then he is attached to you.

7. He gives you options to spend time with him. A man who is attached to you will ask you out in roundabout ways as his emotions are on the line. He will tell you about a place and how much he would want to go there... hoping that you'll take the bait and 'volunteer' to go there with him sometime.

A man who is getting attached to you will show you his attraction by his words and deeds. Just watch him carefully... and he will betray himself.

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