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Monday, August 27, 2012

Signs That will Show You

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Does he still love me? Has our relationship soured, run it's course or is it nearing an early end? How can I tell what he's thinking? Is he thinking about someone else when we're together? Will he TELL me it's over... or will he wait for me to ask, or walk away myself? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at some of the simple ways you can tell that a relationship has run it's course, AND I'm going to share with you the easiest way to move PAST it, with a minimum of pain as well. Curious?

Let's take a closer look, below.
First, understanding this to be true... because it is:
No "serious" relationship ends overnight. Unless you've only met someone in the last week or two, and have only casually seen them a few times, the idea that people "end" something important or significant with the snap of a finger is 100% untrue. Most studies show, for example that women who break up with a boyfriend they've loved at one point, take months before making a major move OUT or away from the relationship.

And while men tend NOT to think as much as women do about the ramifications of ending a relationship, if they loved you once... they are NOT so quick to turn off those emotions like a faucet.

With that in mind, most traditional relationship coaches and therapists will tell you that there are 3 major signs that a man wants to end the relationship and has fallen OUT of love.

1 - Physical Withdrawal
This usually starts first... and typically relates to other types of contact, like hugging, hand holding and general overt physical affection. (like sitting further apart from you)

2 - Intimacy Withdrawal
A man who is no longer in love with you... AND is someone who cares about your emotional state, will start pulling back from intimate contact as well. (Only AFTER he's already started the physical "non-sexual" withdrawal process above)

Simply stated, he's starting to plan his exit at this point, even if he doesn't admit it out loud to himself.

3 - The "Poison the Well" process
The last stage is typically, that confirms he's fallen out of love is when he will start to proactively do things to poison the relationship, making YOU the one that will have to call his bluff and find out what's happening between you. Staying out super late... or even overnight is a very typical scenario that will "force a woman's hand" so to speak. Or just having a problem with everything in the relationship, on a daily basis is another. (small things that were once insignificant now are made to be huge deal breakers between you)

All of these are not only signs that the relationship is over... but, and I know this hurts to hear as well, but that the love he once had for you is no longer there as well. (it may still exist, but not in the same way, or with the same level of passion and desire to keep a romantic relationship alive)

Every situation is different, the chances are... the relationship still can be salvaged, and he probably feels the same way you do. (in love... but understand that there is still a lot to fix to make it work)
Feel free to comment, give me your opinions and discuss the mentioned issue as extensively as you wish

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