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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Want to Know Where to Touch Your Woman? (Mature Minds Only)

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If you were to ask any womaniser to name a few places women like to be touched when it comes down to getting intimate, nine out of ten of them would give you an answer which included either the butt, the breasts or vagina. Although these answers are not incorrect, these are areas that you would typically go for after the clothes have come off. There are several other often neglected sensitive areas that can be stimulated and women derive lots of pleasure from them too. A lot of these are great for foreplay and you can use them to get her in the mood if she isn't already.

Her hair: The hair is definitely one erogenous zone for a lot of women. If she doesn't have hair extensions that you're aware of, then gently run your fingers through her hair. Use them to gently massage near her temple and slowly follow a trail towards the nape of her neck.

Her neck: Once you get down to the nape of her neck, you can use the back side of your fingers to gently caress this part of her body and then use your lips as well to place a few gentle kisses.

Her ear: Softly kissing around her ear and lightly biting the earlobes would certainly be a safe bet. Now, I would however caution against sticking your tongue around and in her ear. Some women might like and enjoy this sensation while others won't. Should you decide to be a little adventurous with that, just be sure to immediately back off if you get any sign that it's something she prefers you don't do. When you do back off, try to quickly but smoothly move onto an area you know she enjoys so as not to kill the mood.

Inner thighs: While she's revved up, touching a woman's inner thighs without venturing too close to her "ultimate pleasure spot" is a great way to up the bliss factor while at the same time making for an excellent tease. Using your hands to gently caress her inner thighs towards her vaginal area is a sure-fire way to get her even more revved up.

Hands: Last but not the least is the hands. Don't forget to occasionally hold her hands throughout your session of intimacy. This will make you appear more sensitive and make her feel like you are enjoying the moment as much as she is.
Always remember that what may feel good and pleasurable to one woman, may not necessarily always do the same for another. Generally speaking though, these five areas I've talked about are certainly places women like to be touched.
I hope you enjoyed reading, your thoughts and views are welcome. Let’s talk about love

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