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Monday, August 6, 2012

Why It Is Important

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A good communication is important to ensure a good relationship. Communication can be verbal or non-verbal. It is a way to relate to your partner on your thoughts and feelings be it negative or positive. Miscommunication and un-revealed negative feelings that are not addressed to properly may cause unnecessary misunderstanding. Prolonged misunderstanding is likely to cause frustration and resentment and may ruin your relationship eventually. It's important to fix a relationship by communicating how you feel to your partner.

Have you been suffering in silence and are experiencing the following intense negative feelings?

You feel hurt that your good intention has always been misinterpreted by your partner.

Your frustration is building up to a boiling point as your partner is not cooperating in many aspects in your relationship.

You are unhappy with your relationship but feeling helpless as to what could be done to improve it.

These are 3 reasons why it is important to communicate how you feel in a relationship before your feeling deteriorates any further and negatively impact your relationship. Couples need to communicate about their feelings in regards to their relationship. It may be negative or positive feelings, but it's advisable to share it with each other. By sharing your feelings and thoughts in regards to your partner's speech and action may eliminate lots of unnecessary misunderstanding and fights. Any un-revealed negative feelings will only spell disaster in the long run. Some proactive measures need to be taken before these negative feelings destroy your relationship.

Many couples tend to take communication too lightly after being in a relationship for a while. There are also couples who may not be happy with certain issues, but still chose to remain silent for fear of making their partners unhappy. Little did they know that their silence is doing more harm than good in maintaining a good relationship.

Fix a relationship by openly and honestly communicating your feelings to your partner. Share with your partner that his/her misinterpretation of your good intention hurts you badly and makes you feel guilty. Share your concern about your frustration that is building up to a boiling point as well. Tell your partner that this will lead to resentment and cause further crisis. Try listening and understanding your partner's side of the story as well. Discuss and work it out your differences and come out with a solution that is favourable to both of you.

Learn to fix a relationship by understanding the importance of communicating how you feel in a relationship. An open and honest communication will lead to a mutual understanding and mutual respect which are keys to a harmonious and good relationship.

A good communication ensures a good relationship and it can be learned. Do not wait until your relationship has reached to an irreconcilable stage.

I hope you enjoyed reading, your thoughts and views are welcome. Let’s talk about love

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