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Saturday, August 11, 2012

You can Actually Make Him Propose Faster

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You've been together for quite a while now and you feel the need to make the move to get to him to pop the question that you've been waiting for all these time you've been together.

The main thing that you should do now is to send him the right message. Let him know that you want to take the next big step without looking too desperate.

Here are some tips on how to make him propose faster:

Examine yourself.
Yes, the very first thing concerns you. Ask yourself, "Am I sure getting married with this guy is what I want?”

Consider every factor which can contribute to why you would want him to propose to you within the shortest possible time.
Is it because you're getting old? Is it because you're afraid he'll meet someone better and just leave you alone? Is it because you need someone who would sustain you and he's the perfect catch? Or is it simply because you love him and you're willing to start a family with him? Weigh each answer and when you're finally sure about yourself and your man, proceed on the next tip on how to make him to propose faster.

Tell him verbally.
Of course, you need to be honest with him and you could just tell him. But dropping the "Let's get married" statement might also make him feel scared. It can make you look pushy and he just might run away from you.

Try doing it in a subtle way. Start by talking about your friends who might be getting married soon. Talk about how happy they are. You could also try to talk about the hardships that you might be going through but be sure to mention solutions which revolve around the concept of we-could-do-this-together.

Pay the bills at times if you can.
If you're on a date, the guy would usually pay the bill because they feel it is customary to do so. So when you pay the bills at times he automatically gets a hint about what you're trying to tell him.
Paying for the bills will also make you look matured and independent. This makes him think of you as a viable candidate for a life partner.

Talk about the future.
Talking about the future and letting him know that you're ready to spend it with him will make him see your love. Of course, your plans must also include both of you in it. Mention about his career and your kids. However, make sure whatever you're telling him is what you really want, not just made up stories to catch his attention.
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