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Saturday, August 18, 2012

You Need to Love Your Wife More

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Here are some questions that you can ask yourself and ponder in your mind about how you can love your wife more.

- Do you take time to recognize your spouse?-What I mean by recognize is do you let her know you appreciate her?

- Do you surprise her with gifts? - Using this tactic is another way you can love your wife more. Now I don't mean go out and buy her a new car, I'm talking about little gifts that have meaning to her, such as something that would remind her of the first time you met or take her to the first place you went out together. This will mean more to her and can also create a romantic moment.

- Do you compliment her about the way she looks? - Don't be afraid to tell her how good she looks. New hairdo, new dress, or even her smile might help bring back that spark you once shared together.

- Do you communicate? - This is probably one of my most important ways that can help any man asking the question; how can you love your wife more. Relationships that lose the ability to communicate soon become stagnate and you be asking yourself what happen to my marriage? However, this problem can be fixed. The best way to start communicating again is by setting aside time with each other, even if it is just over a cup of coffee. Make it quiet time especially if you have children, even if it means hiring a baby sitter.

- Do you have a date night? - I recommend a night you set aside once a week if there are no children, and even if there are children try to take the time to go out together at least every two weeks. Just the anticipation of knowing your night together is coming up soon excites the woman you love.

Now let's look back at these few questions I have laid out for you. Doing these few things can enhance your relationship to the point of the way it use to be when you first met. There really is no excuse for you to keep asking yourself "how you can love your wife more" when you can just take a few easy steps to put spark back in your relationship.
I hope you enjoyed reading, your thoughts and views are welcome. Let’s talk about love

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