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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Deadly Habits to Avoid

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The early stages in any relationship are by far the best. However, over time, your true self start to show. It becomes harder to hide your true self. Your bad habits become inevitable and start to manifest themselves. Some of these bad habits are hidden because you want your partner to view you as perfect. These bad habits may cause certain pressures within your relationship as well. Regardless of the cause of these habits, they are definitely bad for your relationship in the end. Therefore, fix a marriage by avoiding these deadly habits.

Usually people consider nagging as the "woman's disease." Probably, this is because most women are experts at nagging. Your constant pestering or persistent annoyance is a sure way of driving your partner crazy.

Criticizing your partner is another deadly habit. How long would you last in a relationship where your partner is always putting you down and blaming you? This habit is bound to break your marriage. Statements like "You never do this" and "You never do that" are hurtful. If your partner makes a mistake, focus on the mistake instead of him/her as a person. Separate your partner from the problem, try not to make him/her look like the problem. Do not compare your partner with others, especially if it will make your partner look like the lesser person.

Bribing is another habit to avoid. A carrot-stick approach will cause long-term damage to your relationship. Many tend to use this habit. They tend to withhold conjugal rights until their partners do certain things for them. This controlling behaviour may lead to your partner cheating on you.

Some, in order to get back at their partner, may choose to give their partner a silent treatment by refusing to pick up his/her calls. Fix a marriage by resisting silent treatment. Instead, have a sit down to discuss his/her wrongdoing. This will do more good for your relationship.

If your marriage is already on the rocks because of these deadly habits, then it is time to change. To fix a marriage, focus on reinforcing and building up your partner instead of destroying and breaking him/her down.

Don’t take love for granted. You need to focus on nurturing love to keep your marriage strong. Do not wait until your marriage has reached an irreconcilable stage.
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