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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting Him to Commit

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You have been dating your boyfriend for almost two years. Your relationship has had its ups and downs like most couples deal with but overall you have a loving bond. How do you get your boyfriend to propose when he seems to be afraid of a serious commitment? Here are a few tips that will help you in your quest for a proposal.

Figuring out how to get him to commit in a relationship is a challenge that many women face. Men and women have very different emotional make ups, and as such, they often have different wants and needs in a relationship. If a woman wants a man to commit to her she needs to understand how he thinks and learn to make herself appealing without pressuring him.

The first thing that a woman needs to know if she wants a man to commit is that she can't pressure him. If a man feels cornered or boxed in, he may back away and develop cold feet every time the topic of commitment or marriage comes to surface. So, if you give a man a little space and allow him to have his time alone with his friends, or his time doing his own thing, it will help to keep him from feeling trapped.

Many women have found themselves in a relationship with a man that they love, but that man just doesn't seem to want to commit to them. He seems to love her and treats her well, but he always changes the subject when the topic of commitment and marriage comes up. Rather than becoming frustrated, or even giving up on the relationship, you should learn to be patient. By giving your man a little space you can help him to realize how important you are to him.

Instead of pushing him to commit to you, you should help him to see all the wonderful things that you bring to the relationship. Things that if you weren't a part of his life that he would be missing out on. Maybe it is that excellent spaghetti sauce that you make and he just loves or how you take interest in the football games he likes to watch every weekend. When he sees that you want to please him and you want to be a part of the things that he is interested in he will realize you deserve his commitment to the relationship.

Once you have learned to help a man to see how important you are to him, you will have learned how to get him to commit.
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