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Monday, September 24, 2012

What Do You Do In a Case Of a Very Suspicious Partner?

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People fall in love telling all the mushy stuff which eventually leads to a domineering attitude that comes through jealousy. A little possessiveness is actually a good thing because it makes you feel loved and wanted. In fact, if your partner doesn't show the slightest bit of jealousy when you ogle at opposite sex, something isn't right.

Then there are those partners who are overly doubtful about their partners when they talk on the phone, go to work, have colleagues or friends who are of the opposite sex, hang out more with friends and more. Though it can be fun sometimes to have a partner who is possessive, it can be frustrating if it prolongs which can often lead to a breakup.

Read on to know how to deal with such partners.
Keep your partner informed: Always make sure your partner is aware about your whereabouts. Leave a note or a message about where you're heading. All these years you informed your mom, now it's your partner. That's all.

Be open and honest: Partners become suspicious when you try to be secretive and discreet. Though it might not always be offensive, the message that is conveyed across might be harmful for your relationship. Hence, try to keep your life open with your partner and allow them to trust you.

Have common friends: Introduce your friends to your partner so that they know what kind of an outside life you have.

Discuss your day: Talk about the happenings at the end of the day after you reach home. That way, you and your partner will know what kind of activities you do when you both are apart. You can talk over dinner or while having a drink.

Give quality time: When partners don't get enough attention, they tend to believe that their spouses could be having affairs or are ignoring them. Hence, spend enough time with your partner on a day-today basis. Spend time in the mornings and evenings discussing about news, family and hobbies.

If you do your best for your relationship, your partner will surely let loose of you and stop being suspicious. Once you gain the trust, the pathway becomes easier and smooth.
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