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Saturday, September 22, 2012

State Your Mind to Him Clearly-He May Not be Catching Your Hints

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How to win a man when dating and how to get a man to propose are age-old questions most ladies ask themselves or girlfriends at some point early in their lives. At the root of this dilemma seems to be the proverbial question of just how a gal ever really understands what a guy wants. While both sexes seem to feel the other is so different and hard to understand, there really are some 'tricks' that can be very useful in clearing the air a bit. Read on for a rather simple idea which takes little effort but can provide great rewards toward building a relationship with your guy.

Beating Around the Bush and Hint Dropping
Some ladies are just shy and some just may be afraid to hear 'No', but almost all women tend to be less than direct when it comes to saying what needs to be said. Whether it is a question about deciding about an upcoming event or a more intimate subject, it seems most women tend to be somewhat coy, evasive or indecisive instead of offering a firm decision. Beating around the bush, dropping hints, or simply responding, 'Whatever you think is the best.' are ways ladies tend to respond when they just don't want to be direct. Have you ever noticed yourself doing this? Have you ever really thought about why you do this?

A Self Perpetuating Game
Honestly, most men would far prefer a direct response to second guessing what some evasive, coy response really means. Moreover, a lot of guys actually interpret your 'Whatever you think is the best.' response as a confirmation that you are okay with whatever he thinks. And dropping hints are usually a waste of time since most guy have a hard enough time remembering what's in their own heads let alone trying to file away those hints in any memorable system.

Men generally ask questions as a way to gather information and formulate answers to make what they feel is the best decision. Asking for your thoughts is actually a form of a compliment since guys just don't go outside of themselves too often. Asking for 'help' is one of the hardest things a guy does, as most women can see and joke about. Asking for your input is one way he shows he values your opinion and he cares. Let's consider an alternative.

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say
Just give this a try. Next time your guy asks your opinion or a question about what to do, give him your honest response. If you honestly don't have an opinion, there is certainly no problem with stating that. But why get resentful he doesn't listen or understand, if you don't speak clearly and straight forward about how you feel. Tell him what you think and be open to telling him why you feel that way. You may well be pleasantly surprised to find your chats are better received and doing things are more enjoyable when you both know how you each feel.

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