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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Difference Between Love and Infatuation

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There are certainly a lot of people who often feel like they're on top of the world, especially when they meet someone who manages to take their breath away. Things just seem a little brighter in the world as that individual manages to make you smile just as you think of them. You feel like you're on cloud 9, and there's just no pulling you down from the sky.

However, this is something which is often confusing to some, especially when they can't seem to determine whether the emotions are truly genuine or not. Infatuation and love seem too close to each other that it would be difficult for some people to see the difference between the two. Of course, this article serves to illustrate the key differences between the two.

Infatuation is all about physical attraction. You find a person good looking and are obviously swooning over their presence. The feelings are intensified and you just can't help but desire that person. It's something that is driven by passion. You may not care for that person's thoughts and belief system, just as long as they're around you. Love on the other hand is all about commitment, trust, loyalty and long term. It goes far beyond the limits of physical attraction, and goes way deeper than that. There is completeness felt, and you accept that person's flaws, ideals and principles.

Infatuation is all about being jealous rather easily. You want all the attention to be given to you, and you simply cannot wait to be with that person. Everything else seems exciting, but you aren't truly happy. You tend to become impatient with things, and you lust for that individual. Love, however, makes you patient. You understand that person's situation and would go out of your way to make things better. You're happy with their presence, and you are entirely devoted to comforting them. You let go of all fantastical thoughts and avoid expectations on finding the perfect partner, since you accept him or her as is.

To be in love is to care for someone's feelings and you don't even entertain the thought of having someone else woo you. Infatuation leaves you open to other suitors or girls and you just find that person "cute."

These are the things which you need to know regarding love and infatuation. The latter puts a limit on you, while the former allows you to grow in every possible way.
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