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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When You Are Losing it-You Can Rekindle the Flame

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Many people fall out of love for a number of different reasons, but what's funny is that it's not always the big things like infidelity. Falling out of love is caused more by one partner who got bored and started to feel ignored, neglected or taken for granted. When that happens and someone else comes along who takes the time to show an interest and flatter them, before you know it, they want to spend their time with that person instead of you.

It's easy to get distracted by the things you like to do that don't involve your partner because they aren't interested in those same things. But if you are spending more time on "Me" than on building your relationship and doing things together that you both enjoy, you can easily drift apart.

Being sensitive to the needs of your partner is extremely important in a relationship. Putting them high on your list of priorities is imperative to having a successful relationship, because after all, they are that "special someone" in your life. So if your partner has left you for someone else, it's important to understand why. Did this person simply pay more attention to her and flatter her with compliments?

There are certain behaviours that women crave and if their companion is not providing it on a consistent basis, they may begin to look elsewhere for it. If you don't know what these cravings are or how to find out what your woman needs, there are books that can help. You just need to put forth the effort and read.

Sex is a very small word, but can be the cause of huge problems in a relationship. When a woman is unhappy with some aspect of their relationship, she may withdraw from making love. The man might take this withdrawal as an insult, thinking that she just doesn't want him anymore and that could send him into the arms of another woman. Love is a two way street. Both partners have to work at it if they want it to last.

Communication between both partners is vital in a relationship and many times it's miscommunication that causes the problems. The brains of a man and a woman are wired differently, so one might make an assumption that is based on past situations and feelings, rather than what is really happening in the current situation.

When our relationships get into trouble, we need help. But all too often people are not willing to discuss their problems with a third person. They might feel that they will be the one who is blamed for the problem, but that is not what counsellors do. They simply act as the mediator between both parties. There are also many helpful books that can help to put a relationship back on track if a counsellor is not an option.
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