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Monday, November 19, 2012

Let's Examine Love at First Sight

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Love at first sight has been an issue in the minds of many people. Some doubt its reality. Is first love truly real? Probably you might have heard a tale of two people that fell in love instantaneously after meeting for the first time. It's definitely uncommon to experience this, and one can't simply give reasons for it. Nevertheless, there are some signs which can help you identify if what you experience with an opposite sex is indeed love at first sight.

1. Physical reactions – On sighting someone that gives you butterflies in the stomach without first trying to find out who they are, it could be taken as authentic attraction. Their sight alone could arise an indescribable feeling and you just end up speechless. The feeling of seeing them is generally good and the world seems brighter. You would like to see them again.

2. Instant captivation – Their gesture means a lot to you. A grin could just make you feel like you are already on cloud nine  and you find yourself needing to witness more of them. You wonder if you are ok. You'd go out of your way to create a conversation with them, even if you end up blabbering baloney, just so long as you breathe the same air they do.

3. Physical attraction – They might not necessarily be the best looking around, whenever you set your eyes on them you would like, want to see more of it. In the case of a woman, you essentially admire the way she deals with herself, the swaying of her hips as she walks, how she brushes her hair aside etc. These small things mean a lot to you, and you feel like you're falling deeper and deeper for her.

4. Drastic changes in your perception - you might have doubted love at first sight, but here you are, someone you have not even known yet, you find yourself getting all sappy and having butterflies in your stomach.

5. Some hint of interest – They also find themselves drawn to you in a way they can’t explain either. If both of you have mutual attraction towards each other, and that is all before really getting to communicate, you may be truly in love with one another at FIRST SIGHT.

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