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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

If you are Seeing These, He Actually Wants to Commit.

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Has your man been acting a little weird lately? Do you have a feeling that he is ready to commit? Are you afraid your man will never commit?

Whatever the case may be, men are mysterious creatures and they can be very hard to read - but, on occasion, they have common tendencies that allow them to be read. If you think he might be ready to commit, take a look at these common signs that occur when some men are ready to commit:

1. He wants a future with you: By far, the easiest way to know that your man is ready to commit is if he frequently cares for you and wants a future with you. Beware, you must be able to decipher if the things he is telling are true - but if they are, it's a no-brainer that he is ready to commit!

If you have desperately trying to figure out if he is ready to commit, this is probably not happening. Take a look at the other, less obvious, signs that he is ready to commit.

2. He Doesn't Keep You in the Closet: No, we're not talking about literally stashing you in a closet for days. Men that are ready to commit are willing to show their woman off to anyone and everyone. It's not a good sign if he keeps making excuses as to why you can't meet his family. If he invites you to every family/friend function possible - it's obvious that he is ready to be in a serious relationship with you!

3. He Makes the Future Clear: A good sign that he is ready to commit to you is if he starts using the word "we" when talking about the future. For example, say you guys go on a date to the local fair and he says, "I can't wait until WE can go on all those rides again next year!"

Even though the relationship may not literally last a year, you can tell that he sees that it has the potential too. Listen for the word "we" and if you hear it - it's a great sign that you guys will be in a committed relationship in no time!

4. He Can Confide in You: Another sure sign that your man is ready to commit is if he feels comfortable in confiding in you with his innermost thoughts. As you probably already know, communication is the key in ANY relationship. If the two of you have any chance of engaging in a long-term relationship, you're going to have to get comfortable communicating with each other.

Pay attention to how much information he tells you. If you ask him, "What's wrong?" and he replies with, "Oh... nothing...”- he probably isn't comfortable sharing his problems with you yet. You need to show him that he can tell you things in complete confidentiality without you casting judgment on what he has to say.

Do you notice your guy doing any of these things? If he has recently started doing any one of them, you are surely on your way to a committed relationship! Congratulations and put your hands up for the ride!

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