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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Reasons Behind Why Men Pull Away Uncovered.

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The question 'Why do men pull away in a relationship?' has been asked often by many confused girls. They are considerably puzzled by the fact that while they seem to get the man they want, they cannot keep them. Before long men try to pull away either emotionally or physically, this is a situation that is definitely worthy of panic and girls ought not to simply let things take their course. First of all find out what instigates men to pull away while in a relationship?

Men are basically straight thinkers and see a spade for a spade. Their thought processes do not go around in circles like a woman's do. They enter a relationship that they feel comfortable in and can really go to great lengths to please the woman they love. Even they expect to be loved in the same way and without any inhibitions. They do not want to be loved for what they are not or what the woman wants them to become. A man feels comfortable in a relationship only when a woman accepts him for what he is without trying to make him what he is not!

Of course there are a few changes we all like to see in the person we love and this is true for both sexes. These can be subtly put across without an ounce of criticism. There are ways in which a woman can let her man know the things that she would like to change about him. As I said, the idea is to be subtle but firm. Nagging will not get you anywhere. In fact nagging is one sure reason why do men pull away in a relationship. The same points can be conveyed with love or by actions. You need not keep harping on it though. If the man is convinced about the change he needs to make, he will do it. Otherwise just let things be. You will actually cause damage to a relationship if you go on trying to make him change.

It is true that once a girl gets the man of her dreams she starts to find a few faults with him. This may be in his habits, his friends, his mannerisms and so on. While I am not saying that you should not try to change these if you can, I am simply saying that you do it in a positive manner. You will be surprised at how well a man reacts to positive criticism. Make him realize the habits that must go with love and not a lot of tongue wagging. Do not make the mistake of criticizing him in public. You will definitely lose him fast enough!

Men are simple souls and do not possess the 'thinking in circles' capability that most women do. Treat them in a simple way and put your thoughts across with love. There is no reason why they will not understand unless you are being unreasonable in your expectations. Understanding the basics of 'why do men pull away in a relationship' will put you ahead of your competition. After all, you fell in love because of what he is and not because of what you would like him to be!

Don't go another day without love. After all, it's all about life, LOVE and the pursuit of happiness!

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