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Thursday, December 27, 2012

You May Look Into These If You Always Fail In Your Relationship.

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Don’t you think he would be happy that you care!

If you want a relationship so much - why are you still single?

Have you ever asked yourself why, in spite of your longing to have a partner and develop a successful intimate relationship, you find yourself, time and again, unhappy and disappointed, or simply alone?

Have you ever wondered why, in spite of having read numerous books on relationships, having read various internet articles outlining tips for a happy relationship, having enrolled with a range of dating sites and having dated many "potential" others - you are still single?

In all likelihood you have indeed done and contemplated all these - and even more.

So why are you still single? What stands in your way from finding a suitable partner and developing the relationship you so much desire?

What might stand in your way from developing a successful intimate relationship?

It is very possible that you feel a tremendous pain as you fail, over and over again, in your attempts to develop a successful intimate relationship. Unfortunately, as long as you don't understand why you fail, you can't break this agonizing cycle.

What can help you succeed in developing the relationship you so much desire? What do you need to do and know - in addition to everything you have done and learned so far - in order to stop this cycle and finally succeed?

Developing your Self-Awareness is the answer
It is very likely that the reason for your failures is quite a simple one: you are not aware of the ways in which you shoot yourself in the foot in relationships. In other words, it is quite possible that you don't realize, understand and acknowledge the ways in which you sabotage your attempts at relationships:

* Not being aware, you might behave in ways which are counterproductive to the development and maintenance of a successful intimacy.

* Without being aware, you might hang on to counterproductive attitudes about partners and relationships.

* As long as you lack self-awareness, you might not realize that how unrealistic your expectations about intimate relationships are, and therefore they boomerang back at you.

* It could also be that, as long as you are not aware of yourself, you are not in touch with whatever fears you might have which drive you to harm your relationships (such as: fear of commitment; fear of rejection, fear of being hurt).

* Similarly, you might not be aware of whatever excessive needs you might have which drive you to behave with your partners (when you have a partner) in self-sabotaging ways (such as: the need to constantly be approved and loved; the need to always "be there" for your partner to the excess of suffocating your partner, and so on).

When you become aware of whatever exerts power over you (be these your attitudes, fears, needs, unrealistic expectations and the like) and of the many ways it drives you to unconsciously sabotage your relationships, you can then de-activate its power over you, make the necessary changes and become able to develop a successful intimacy.

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