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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ways to an Exciting Relationship

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hen you first start a relationship, everything is exciting because everything is new. Discovering each other is always a lot of fun! It's thrilling and addicting. It is also what plenty of people miss when the relationship "settles down" and routines begin to form. Too many couples find themselves unhappy and on the verge of breaking up because they miss having an exciting relationship.
The thing is, an exciting relationship is quite easy to achieve. You can continue the "high" you felt when you first started out simply by making sure you always keep each other guessing. This is especially true for guys. Women love not knowing what you're going to do next. (Of course this is assuming they are quite secure in the relationship and are sure you won't cheat on them.) So all you really have to do is the unexpected! Sounds difficult? Consider these tips:
1) Work on Being Funny
No relationship will survive without a shared sense of humour. So work at being funny for your partner. What makes her laugh? Try to get her to laugh really hard at least once a week. Whatever it is, you have to keep her laughing and make sure she associates that happy feeling with you.
2) Try New Things
Whenever you hear about anything new, go do it! Whether it be learning a new sport together, a resort just outside of your town, etc. Whatever it is, suggest that you do it together. Doing new things together is always exciting and it will help you learn more about each other.
3) Do the Unconventional
Naturally, you can't do new things all the time, but that doesn't mean you have to be conventional about the way you do regular things. So instead of a simple dinner date at home, maybe you can play a game where you blindfold each other and make each other guess what you're eating.
4) Stay Positive
As much as you can, keep a positive attitude. Of course you will have some days where you don't feel incredibly happy, but smiling and staying positive with your girlfriend will help keep your relationship happy.
5) Be unpredictable Once in a While
At the end of the day, every woman is a hopeless romantic. So do something classically unpredictable once in a while. Show up with flowers. Surprise her with jewellery. Make her feel special. It might be somewhat conventional, but it's all part of keeping her guessing. Plus she will really appreciate it.
You know her best and you know what she will want to do and be happy about. So while you're keeping an exciting relationship, make sure it's one that respects and understands each other too!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Men Suffer the Pains Of a Breakup Too.

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hile it is true that men can get over relationships faster than women, it is still a pretty hard thing to deal with. The future is uncertain, you will certainly anxiously beg for her to take you back - it's just a whirlwind of emotions that affects every aspect of your life. As a matter of fact, men actually feel the same emotional toll as women do after a breakup! Men just want to make it seem as though they're strong and unaffected, but the truth is they are going through a tough time as well.
Whatever your plan is in the future, whether you want to get your girlfriend back or you want to start anew, it is necessary to do one thing: get over the breakup, and get over it fast. Now, this isn't the easiest thing to do on the planet, so I'm going to give you some guidelines on how you must think and act when it comes to your relationship and your ex. The main message is that there is still hope for your love life - you will get back the pieces of your broken heart, of that it is certain.
1) Don't over sensationalise her.
Men have this symptom where they put their exes on the pedestal and exaggerate their "loving, beautiful" nature. You must not do that if you don't want to hurt yourself. Just refrain from thinking and talking about her, and most importantly, don't commemorate the good times you had in the relationship. Don't look at photos of her, don't be sentimental with the gifts she gave you in the past... Your ex is now an unimportant part of your life, stop prioritizing and idolizing her. You may just be blinded by the pain and the loneliness of the breakup.
2) Don't be afraid to get closure.
A lot of men don't want to ultimately end the relationship because they think they still have a chance to get their ex back. This is a wrong way of thinking about breakups. Whatever you plan in the future, whether you want to take her back or you want to leave her at peace, you must get closure. Only by accepting the fact that the relationship did end will you have another clear shot at forming a brand new relationship with your ex.
3) Don't contact her.
As we are on the business of moving on, you need to detach yourself from your ex as much as possible. You will go crazy if you endlessly send her text messages or emails or voice mails and she won't respond to any of it. Really, if she wants to contact you she will find you. Trying to commence communication with her a few days after a breakup is a desperate move; she will immediately get that notion if you do it.
4) Write your feelings.
This is the most concrete way to get some emotional closure that won't have to involve talking to your ex. See, when we experience a breakup, we undergo all sorts of emotions. We can't define it, we can't express it. By writing about it, at least we can clearly grasp what we feel and therefore we will have a surer definition of how the breakup affected us. You will then have more control of your emotions, which will lead to faster recovery emotionally.
5) Exercise your newfound freedom.
There is a now a whole new plethora of possibilities you can consider, now that you're schedule has been freed quite drastically. Go get a new hobby! Learn a new sport! Mingle with new people! Do better at work! Do anything you haven't been able to do since you've been involved in the relationship with your ex. And remember, don't do this out of spite, do this because you really want to move on and receive positive vibes from other aspects of your life.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Improve Your Relationship

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elationship takes a vast amount of work to acquire, maintain, and preserve. There is really no such thing as the "perfect" relationship. If you are dedicated and focused on improving your relationship, then there are a few key factors that you should try to implement in order to yield a successful outcome. The tactics listed below can work for improving your relationship:
Be patient: Sometimes relationship requires time and patience on an individual's part. You need to take the time to recover from hurt and resentments, and to have the patience that enables both parties to see things clearly. If your relationship is in shambles, you may just need to work slowly and be patient with the results. Some matters do not work themselves out overnight. Though, it is certain that when you persevere with patience you will be better able to improve your relationship.

Communicate: When communication stops, there is usually a downward spiral or stale-mate in the relationship. Healthy relationship requires two parties to work through their differences by effectively communicating them and resolving them by compromise, mutual respect, and compassion. Try to always communicate in a positive manner, and by not avoiding the problems your mole-hills will not transpire into mountains.

Stop the negativity: Hate breeds hate. Harboured emotions can cause resentments and anger that result in negative actions, negative communication, and negative outcomes. The more negative you are about a certain circumstance in your relationship, or the more negatively you act towards an individual you care about, the worse the scenario will become. It is difficult to work through anything when negativity is used.

Spend time together: No relationship can be healthy without the devotion of sharing time with the person you are in the relationship with. You need to nurture the relationship by doing things that you have in common. Sharing not only the short-comings of the relationship, but also enjoying the common interests and potential happy experiences can improve a relationship immensely.

Act respectful: If you do not give respect to the person and the relationship, then you definitely will not have the opportunity to earn respect in return. Respect is the key when it comes to those who participate in the healthiest relationship. Make it a point to avoid disrespecting another person by maintaining empathy and compassion for them. In addition, try to hear them out and to perceive their side of things.
If you want a "real" relationship, you must first acknowledge that there is going to be highs and lows, and that all relationships take effort, time, and commitment in order for them to work. If you are not willing to put forth the effort necessary to nurture, overcome, and persevere through the tough times in your relationship, you will never really appreciate the best of times in your relationship.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You Can Tell If Your Relationship Is Real!

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o you finally found Mr. Right. The two of you have been dating for quite some time and you feel that there is no better time than now to make things official. From day one you've laid it all out on the table. You've always known what you wanted and were sure to make it clear to this seemingly perfect guy. You've already had the "Where do you see this going" conversation and the two of you seem to be on the same page because he ensures you that there is a bright future ahead for the two of you. You are relieved to hear the good news and anxious to seal the deal. You persist with the "When are we going to make this happen?" conversation and "Who am I to you"? After what feels like a lot of pushing on your end he complies but it's not too long before you begin to question if maybe he's not ready for a commitment. He gave you the answer you wanted but something just doesn't feel right. Why do you still feel single? Here are five signs that he has only agreed to be in a committed relationship just to make you happy and plans to carry on with his life as a bachelor.
1. Facebook Status: True it may be a bit early to start changing your Facebook status after all who knows how long this new relationship will last. There's nothing worse than changing your relationship status back to single just a month later. If you have dated this guy long enough and the two of you have built a strong foundation of love and trust this shouldn't come into question. He needs to change that status if not immediately then sometime in the near future. If not then he probably doesn't want everyone to know what he only wants you to think about your relationship status

2. Phone Calls: You assumed that once things were official the calls would start rolling just a tad bit more often or at least start the day off with a "Good Morning" and end it with a "Good Night". If he's not checking up on you to see how your day is going or just to hear your voice then that's not a good sign. If you've noticed that he only calls you when he wants to see you or when it's time to hang out then you are probably not in real solid relationship yet.

3. Family and Friends: He introduces you to his family and friends by your first name alone without any title. You find out that people really don't know who or what you guys are and in fact his family has no idea that he has a girlfriend. He tells you it's none of their business but this just doesn't sit well with you. Truth is that maybe you are just not the one.

4. Planning Dates: Do you feel like you are the only one planning dates? Are you the only one wondering when the next time will be that you'll see each other again? Does he let too much time elapse without attempting to make time to spend with you?

5. Lack of Affection: He doesn't want to hold your hand in public. He doesn't like to cuddle and he doesn't want to kiss. He claims that he is just not the affectionate type. When a man is truly into a woman that knocks him off his feet there is no limit to his affections. Chances are he's just not that into you.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Long-Distance Love

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t has long been said that if ever there was a test for love it was distance. Those young couples, as test might separate for a time in lieu of confirmation of feelings for each other to see what time and distance would do in relation to such a bond. Such an action is not so popular; apart from those in military service, the rest of the world appears in too much of a hurry.
Quickly, upon distance, the truth prevails: what do we really think and how do we really feel? It is the prayer that both partners feel the same way - drawn together whilst happily apart - for but a time - their flame flourishing. This is not always the case, however. So many struggle arduously!
There are many in this world that has occupations far from the family; it may not be everybody's first choice, but some people must lead this lifestyle for various reasons.
When absence clearly makes life harder because we miss our partners or families, we can know it as God's confirmation that our love is the real deal - that is cold comfort for some, yet it's a fact, anyway.
Making the most of the time - yes, each and every moment - is the way to survive such tyranny of distance and time away from loved ones. It's about focus; keeping an eye and all our senses on the world before us, yet allowing pleasant dreams to filter through the consciousness as they will. Both can and will coexist.
Long-distance relationships do tend to polarise us toward the rollercoaster ride experience; like looking forward to Christmas, and times away with family, we know that high times precede low times - when the reality of real, sombre life happens to us, again, when we're apart.
It is wise to have something in every compartment of life, especially away, that draws our heart; that involves us at joy; that gives us something to look forward to.
God provides distances for each person party to a relationship to reflect; to learn more about themselves, the reality of their own feelings, in the context of relations with another person or people and the dynamics known to love. Distance fires the imagination.
Though distance can be seen as a terrible thing for relationships, it is also a tool of confirmation and, therefore, confidence. The decisive soul is one counselled by wisdom and, where there is dual-and-reciprocal-commitment, the relationship prospers greatly.
Whether home or away, close together or apart, the bond of love is ever strengthened or it withers from recognition. Though it's hard, distance is a good test for love where passion fans the flame of commitment.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pleasure Not Pain (Mature Minds Only)

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ex should be a very sweet, enjoyable experience. It is thus sad, depressing and disheartening when it becomes painful for someone to have sexual intercourse. Pain during sex especially for married women means they are unwilling to have sex with their husbands. If the husbands do not understand the situation, they may interpret it as blatant refusal of their wives to give them "the cookie" and thus go in search of it elsewhere thus extra-marital affairs.
Pain during sex, also referred to as dyspareunia, is not uncommon especially to women. Primary pain is pain that has been there throughout a person's sexual life while secondary pain is that which comes after a pain-free period. Pain may also be on entry, during intercourse or after intercourse. It can also occur with some partners, some form of stimulation and in some positions and not others.
Just as there are different types of such pain, there are also different causes, many of which fortunately are not very serious and can be treated. Pain that occurs on entry may be caused if lubrication is not enough; if a woman is not fully aroused sexually, dryness in menopause or rape situations. This can be remedied by using water-based lubricants applied liberally on the vagina. Other causes of pain on entry include infection in the vagina especially thrush, herpes blisters or infected genital warts, injury on the vagina (caused during sexual assault or episiotomy stitches that are not properly healed), an unusually large penis, inflammation of the vulva, a forgotten tampon, bruising on the clitoris from too much friction, hypersensitivity of the vagina and some types of cancer.
The common causes of deep-thrust pain include any inflammation in the pelvic region caused by infection, if the man's penis, during thrust, hits a tender or infected part of the cervix, any tenderness in or near the womb, ovarian cysts, fibroids or ectopic pregnancies.
Another common cause of pain is vaginismus which is both an emotional and physical pain. It is described as spasms that occur in the muscles of the vagina, causing contraction hence making penetration virtually impossible. This can be caused by infection but also by the fear of getting hurt, the fear of pain. Previous painful experiences like rape and childhood sexual abuse, infections, unease with partner may all contribute to vaginismus.
Is pain during sex only in women? No. Men too experience pain caused by skin disorders on the penis, infections such as thrush, Chlamydia, a tear in the foreskin, failure to ejaculate after sexual arousal. For the uncircumcised, the foreskin could also be too tight that pushing it off during penetration becomes painful. An improperly inserted IUD in the woman may cause the man pain as may an improper stitch after childbirth. Male disorder that causes the bending of the penis also causes pain.
Whatever the cause or symptom of the pain, seek professional medical help. It is advisable that when one partner experiences pain during sex, they should stop until the cause and remedy is identified. Penetration is not the only way to get sexual gratification if one really cares about their partner. May be kissing and gentle caress can help for the meantime.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Attraction Factors

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hen singles decide to search for love, they then need to ask themselves: What are my attraction factors? Why would someone be interested in me?
Attraction factors can be defined as external and internal.
External factor is defined as your look and image you present. Remember that you only have one chance to make a first impression. Those first few seconds really do count. It is true, surprisingly; some singles want to find a new partner but don't prepare to make themselves, more attractive. Well, dating is a competitive place. How are you going to attract potential dates if you neglect your image?
Creating your own individual style in clothes, Making your hair style that will make you look younger and sparkle, looking neat to give you a radiant look; all of these things will make you feel good about yourself and create inspiring energy to grab the opposite sex's attention. Imagine when you are going to buy a new car or a house? How important to you is cleanliness, good quality and other important details in the selection process. So the image you present is crucial in the attraction stakes.
In addition, external attraction factors also include your manners, your voice tone, behaviour and communication and social skills as well.
Other factors are internal. These are your personality traits that play an even more important role in attraction. Ask yourself:
*What can I offer to that desirable man or woman that he or she doesn't have now?
*What do I have that will make a relationship amazing?
*What parts of my personality and character are beneficial for a romantic relationship?
*What distinguish me from other individuals for somebody to prefer me?
*What am I prepared to invest in a relationship? A relationship takes time, energy, flexibility, honesty and effort.
I would add to internal attraction factors in dating: self-esteem, confidence and financial intelligence. Because singles need to feel self-worthy in order to be capable of creating happiness with a new potential partner.
In conclusion, by making yourself a more attractive and happier person, you definitely will increase your chances to win somebody's heart if you do!